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Ecuador will experience this Saturday and Sunday the first presidential debate required by law, in view of the general elections on February 7th. Although 16 presidential candidates will participate, the polls predict that only three formulas have the greatest possibilities of winning On April 11, Ecuadorians elected conservative banker and three-time candidate Guillermo Lasso over Andrés Arauz, a protégé of former President Rafael Correa. Lasso received just over 52% of valid votes. Arauz had finished first in a field of 16 candidates in the first round of voting on Feb. 7, with 32.7% of the votes

A runoff election was held on April 11, 2021 to elect the new Ecuadorian president among Arauz and Guillermo Lasso, the second most voted candidate in the first election round. Over 80 percent of.. General elections were held in Ecuador on 7 February 2021, established by the National Electoral Council (CNE) as the date for the first round of the presidential election and a vote on mining in Cuenca. Incumbent president Lenín Moreno, who had held the office since his victory over Guillermo Lasso in 2017, did not seek reelection.. Although delaying the election due to the coronavirus. Ecuador's presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso attends a news conference in Guayaquil, Feb. 8, 2021. Battling for a second-place finish is Yaku Pérez, an attorney and human rights activist.. The Leftist presidential candidate Andres Arauz called on citizens to ensure that the popular vote is respected in the upcoming February 7 elections. On Sunday night, 16 presidential candidates attended the second part of the mandatory debate organized by the National Electoral Council (CNE) Ibarra, Ecuador April 9 — The latest polls before the April 11 runoff presidential election here revealed high percentages of null votes and undecided voters and little space between the two candidates. During the last four years, the dominant ruling elites never ceased their desperate and blatantly undemocratic destruction o

Two presidential candidates, Andres Arauz and Guillermo Lasso, begin final stretch of campaigning on Tuesday ahead of April runoff. Women account for 51 percent of Ecuador's eligible voters, who.. Also on rt.com Correa-backed candidate Arauz leads in Ecuador election, comes short of one round victory The two candidates offered voters radically different ways of dealing with the economic hardships that Ecuador has experienced in recent years, especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic FILE PHOTO: Ecuador's presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso addresses the media during the presidential election, in Guayaquil, Ecuador February 8, 2021 Presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso addresses the media after casting his vote in the second round of the presidential election outside a polling station, in Guayaquil, Ecuador on April 11, 2021. (R) Ecuador's presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso holds a 5.5 percentage point lead over left-wing economist Andres Arauz in the country's.

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A woman votes during general elections in Cangahua, Ecuador, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021. Quito Ecuadoreans choose a new president on Sunday, with many voters weary of painful economic austerity measures.. Presidential candidate Yaku Pérez greets supporters as he leads a protest march to Quito, in Latacunga, Ecuador, Feb. 22, 2021 Ben Norton · March 10, 2021 An Ecuadorian presidential candidate from a US-backed party, Yaku Pérez, has requested a military takeover and nullification of election results to prevent the popular socialist Correista movement from returning to power Feb. 5, 2021 - 8pm EST | COHA Webinar: Ecuadorian Presidential Elections and the comeback of the Citizens' Revolution, with Ricardo Patiño, former Foreign Affairs Minister of president Rafael Correa. Click here to registe

Ecuador Bonds Plunge as Pro-IMF Candidate Lags in Vote Count Stephan Kueffner, Ben Bartenstein and Sydney Maki 2/8/2021 Chinese driverless car company WeRide valued at $3.3 billion after fresh fundin On Sunday, voters in Ecuador elected a candidate running for president on a conservative platform for the first time in nearly 15 years. With 99 percent of votes counted, Guillermo Lasso, a former. Ecuador presidential election second round: economic crisis and pandemic. Details. Jorge Martin. 10 April 2021. The electoral campaign for the second round of the presidential elections in Ecuador on Sunday, 11 April has come to an end. The second round pits the banker Guillermo Lasso, the candidate of the capitalist oligarchy, against the. Guillermo Lasso, presidential candidate of the Creando Oportunidades (CREO) party, center, speaks to members of the media after casting a ballot during the first round of the presidential elections.. QUITO, Ecuador — Guillermo Lasso, a 66-year-old conservative former banker, was set to win Ecuador's presidential election and beat out Andrés Arauz, a 36-year-old leftist handpicked by.

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Ecuador presidential election heads into runoff after leftist wins first round Andrés Arauz, a protege of former president Rafael Correa, will advance but too close to call which opponent he would.. Guillermo Lasso, presidential candidate of Creating Opportunities party, CREO, celebrates after a presidential runoff election at his campaign headquarters in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Sunday, April 11. ECUADOR-ELECTION/PROFILES (UPDATE 1, FACTBOX, TV):UPDATE 1-Leading candidates in Ecuador's presidential election. U.S. states making 2021 moves on abortion rights and access (Changes media.

ecuador presidential election 2021 candidates. Post navigation ← Previous News And Events Posted on June 12, 2021 b [Ecuador Presidential Election]2021 1st Round FINAL Globe Elections UN Projection/Prediction/Forecast. _HEADLINE. According to Globe Elections UN's 1st Round FINAL Projection in Ecuador, we are projecting that no candidates will reach 40%+ vote share needed to win and therefore there will be a runoff held on April 11th. Also, a close race.

Ecuador's top electoral body has said it will conduct a partial recount of February 7 presidential polls after a request from two candidates still fighting for second place.. Indigenous activist. Editor's note: This article was updated on February 8, following the first round of Ecuador's presidential election. QUITO, ECUADOR - Ecuador's February 7 presidential election concluded in a surprise: The quick count published by the country's National Electoral Council appeared to show a little-known candidate named Yaku Pérez Guartambel in second place, securing a narrow victory.

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By Rafael Romo, CNN. Updated 11:10 AM ET, Mon February 8, 2021. Yaku Pérez was jostling with rival Guillermo Lasso for second place in Ecuador's elections. (CNN) He wouldn't be caught dead. National Democratic Institute 455 Massachusetts Ave, NW, 8th Floor Washington, DC 20001-2621 Phone: 202-728-5500 Fax: 888-875-2887. NDI is a 501(c)(3) organizatio Explainer: Ecuador's 2021 Presidential Elections. Amid coronavirus and economic concerns, Ecuadorans pick a new legislature and hold a first-round presidential vote February 7. Ecuadorans head to the polls February 7 to elect a new president, vice president, all 137 members of the unicameral National Assembly, and five members of the Andean.

Voters line up during general elections in Cangahua, Ecuador, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021. Amidst the new coronavirus pandemic Ecuadoreans went to the polls in a first round presidential and legislative. A recent poll showed that if Andrés Arauz Galarza were allowed to run in Ecuador's presidential election of 2021, he would win in the first round with 45.9 percent of the vote. The pollsters. By the time of the 2021 presidential election in Ecuador, the playing field had been rendered so precipitously unlevel that the U.S. had little need to overtly intervene as it did in Bolivia in 2019 The top two candidates for president in Ecuador are going to a runoff election in April, while the third-place candidate, an Indigenous leader who lost by a tiny margin, is leading a march to th

Ecuador's presidential candidates Ecuador on April 11, 2021 and opinion polls had the rivals neck and neck heading into the election, as oil-rich Ecuador's 13.1 million registered voters. The general elections in Ecuador are scheduled for February 7, 2021. There are 16 presidential candidates contesting in the elections. According to the electoral calendar, the campaign will take place between December 31 and February 4. In order to win in the first round, a candidate needs to secure more than 50% of the votes or more than 40%. First published on Mon 12 Apr 2021 00.36 EDT. A conservative businessman has unexpectedly won Ecuador's presidential election as voters rejected the leftist movement started by the former. Five Things to Know about Ecuador's Presidential Runoff. In the April 11 second-round vote, Andrés Arauz faces Guillermo Lasso. Youth, women, and disaffected voters may play decisive roles. Updated April 7, 2021— On April 11, Ecuadorans return to the polls for the second round of the presidential election

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On February 7, Ecuador will hold elections for President and for its legislative body, with 137 positions to be decided for the National Assembly. Though 16 presidential candidates participated in the debates, there are three major candidates. Andrés Arauz and his vice presidential candidate, Carlos Rabascall, represent La Unión por la Esperanza (The Union of Hope, UNES), what was Alianza. Andres Arauz, the United for Hope Alliance or UNES presidential candidate, greets supporters at a campaign rally in Cochapamba, Ecuador, Saturday, March 27, 2021 Sunday, April 11: Ecuador holds presidential runoff election, Peru holds congressional and first-round presidential elections, and Bolivia holds four runoff gubernatorial elections. Friday, April. The first round of Ecuador's presidential election handed first place to left-wing candidate Andrés Arauz. It was a total repudiation of Lenín Moreno's neoliberal agenda. But more work is needed to cement a coalition that can win power and an anti-austerity program

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Ecuador is heading to a runoff presidential election in April after a young leftwing candidate won a first-round victory on Sunday, following years of austerity measures made more painful by the. QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Ecuador is headed to a runoff presidential election in April with its deep political divisions evident after the first round of voting, which saw a young leftist backed by. More than a dozen candidates have entered the presidential race, making a runoff election on April 11 virtually certain. Two of them have led the polls in recent months, but most have little to no name recognition at the national level and are taking advantage of the publicly funded election system to run their campaigns QUITO, Ecuador -- Voters in Ecuador appeared to turn to a conservative businessman in Sunday's presidential runoff election, rebuffing a leftist movement that has held the presidency for over a. Ecuador's presidential candidate Andres Arauz arrives at a polling station with his 106-year-old grandmother Flor Cervina Galarza Saltos to help her cast her vote in the presidential election, in.

In Ecuador's presidential election held on February 7, 2021, Andrés Arauz won the largest number of votes but could not prevail in the first round against 15 other candidates; he won 32.71 percent of the vote, short of the 40 percent needed to win the election outright (a winner also requires a 10 percent lead over the second-place candidate, which Arauz did achieve) February 13, 2021. Andrés Arauz of the UNES party lead the first round of voting in Ecuador's presidential election on February 7. (Vincent Ricci) T rying to understand Ecuadorian politics is like trying to tie your shoelaces while walking—or so the saying goes. Sunday's presidential election is no exception. On February 7, Ecuadorians. Ecuador suspends recount in presidential election Issued on: 17/02/2021 - 15:51 Presidential candidate Yaku Perez during a protest in front of Ecuador's National Electoral Council in Quito on Feb. Presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso addresses the media after casting his vote in the second round of the presidential election outside a polling station, in Guayaquil, Ecuador on April 11, 2021 MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) - The first official voting results from Ecuador's presidential election show that leftist candidate Andres Arauz is leading with over 33 percent. According to Ecuador's National Electoral Council, with 7.4 percent of the votes counted, Arauz is ahead of the other candidates with 33.02 percent support

On March 24, Ecuadorians will vote in subnational elections that will set the stage for presidential and legislative elections in 2021. The 2019 results will determine whether Ecuador will remain a key American ally in a volatile hemisphere or return to its past. From 2007 to 2017, former President Rafael Correa and his Citizen's Revolution dominated political life i QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — A young leftist backed by a convicted-but-popular former president led the field of 16 candidates in early returns from Ecuador's presidential election Sunday, which was held under strict sanitary measures due to the coronavirus pandemic US Targets Nicaraguan Presidential Election. by Roger D. Harris / July 14th, 2021. Before Henry Kissinger became a Clinton pal, liberals condemned him for saying: I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be. In Peru, elections officials late Sunday said leftist teacher Pedro Castillo had 15.8% of the support with 11.4% of votes counted. He was followed by right-wing economist Hernando de Soto with 14. On Feb. 7, Ecuador held its first round of presidential elections, narrowing the field of sixteen candidates to two, in preparation for the second round of presidential elections scheduled for April 11. Widespread popular frustration with the political establishment led 1.2 million of the 9.5 million voters to cast null ballots

Creating Opportunities is a centre-right political party in Ecuador. In 2021 general election, its leader, Guillermo Lasso was elected for president. General elections were held in Ecuador on 19 February 2017 alongside a referendum on tax havens. Voters elected a new President and National Assembly In the previous two presidential elections, Lasso was the right-wing's candidate, but he lost. In the 2021 election, sections of Ecuador's elites and their foreign sponsors have clearly thrown their weight behind Yaku Pérez, seeing him as a Barack Obama-style candidate who could provide an alternate message and is more likely to defeat Arauz in the second round

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Guillermo Lasso, presidential candidate of Creating Opportunities party, CREO, celebrates after a presidential runoff election at his campaign headquarters in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on April 11, 2021 US, OAS, Colombia try to steal Ecuador's election from popular socialist candidate, while spreading fake news February 21, 2021 The US State Department is pushing a politicized vote recount, overseen by the coup-sponsoring OAS, after socialist Andrés Arauz won Ecuador's election in a landslide General elections were held in Ecuador on 17 February 2013 to elect the President, the National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies and members of the Andean Parliament. The incumbent President Rafael Correa was re-elected by a wide margin. Correa's closest electoral rival, Guillermo Lasso, conceded the election shortly after it concluded. The vote had been set for January 2013, but was put back a.

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Former senator and presidential candidate Steven Irvenson Benoit, a Moïse critic, accused the president's guards of a role in the assassination in a radio interview last week General elections were held in Peru on 11 April 2021. The presidential election, which determined the President and the Vice Presidents, required a run-off between the two top finishers on 6 June 2021.The congressional elections determined the composition of the Congress of Peru, with all 130 seats contested.. Eighteen candidates participated in the presidential election, the highest number of. — Dawn.com (@dawn_com) July 9, 2021. Jordan Local Elections: By September 2021 (due) Jordan is due to hold local elections by September 2021. These follow parliamentary elections, which happened on November 10, 2020. Turnout was low, and both women and Islamist candidates saw poor results Who Is in the Best Position to Win Ecuador's Runoff? Feb 9 2021. Arauz // Photo: Facebook page of Andrés Arauz. Ecuador's presidential race will go to a runoff on April 11 with left-wing economist Andrés Arauz, a protégé of former President Rafael Correa, in the lead. In Sunday's first round, Arauz garnered 32 percent of the vote

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  1. Last Updated: 5th February, 2021 09:13 IST 3 Candidates Lead In Ecuador's Presidential Polls Ecuador is only two days away from the presidential elections, and with a record number of 16 candidates, a runoff election on April 11 is virtually certain
  2. _HEADLINE According to Globe Elections UN's 1st Round FINAL Projection in Ecuador, we are projecting that no candidates will reach 40%+ vote share needed to win and therefore there will be a runoff held on April 11th. Also, a close race is expected between Andrés Arauz and Guillermo Lasso. _POLL BASE PROJECTION -Vote Share Projection(R1
  3. Photo: R. Ecuador's two presidential hopefuls will debate tonight in Guayaquil. Economist Andres Arauz of the left-of-centre Union for Hope party and former banker Guillermo Lasso of the centre-right Creating Opportunities party are vying for the nation's highest political office. In the first round of voting held last month, which.
  4. Ecuadorians head to the polls today for a second round of presidential elections. Left-leaning candidate Andre Arauz is set to win the election. He currently leads with 37.87% of voter support, ahead of centre-right candidate Guillermo Lasso's 30.19%. Arauz, who maintains a close relationship with outgoing President Rafael Correa and follows.
  5. Polls show socialist, anti-imperialist candidate Andrés Arauz to be the clear frontrunner in Ecuador's presidential elections slated to take place this Sunday, February, 7. Some even suggest.
  6. Presidential hopefuls jockey for position ahead of 2021 national election. Although the next national election is a year-and-a-half away, two of the leading candidates to succeed Lenin Moreno as president are busy laying the groundwork for their campaigns. In recent weeks, former Guayaquil mayor Jaime Nebot of the Social Democratic party and.

— Katu Arkonada (@KatuArkonada) February 4, 2021. Nearly all polls show leftist candidate Andrés Arauz easily winning Ecuador's February 7 election. Yet the Ecuadorian media's reliance on a corrupt firm funded by right-wing candidate Guillermo Lasso to produce exit polls after the vote is one of many signs of potential irregularities Quito, Feb 23 (efe-epa).- Indigenous presidential candidate Yaku Perez said Tuesday that more than 16,000 records with inconsistencies have been detected in Ecuador's Feb. 7 election, insisting that he has been the victims of election fraud that kept him from being one of the two candidates in the April runoff vote, according to preliminary results. Quito [Ecuador], April 12 (ANI/Xinhua): Former banker and three-time presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso declared victory in Ecuador's presidential runoff elections Sunday, calling it a. Ecuador: Left wins key ruling on government effort to rig election. The left in Ecuador secured a crucial victory yesterday in the face of attempts by the right-wing government of President Lenín Moreno to deny progressive candidate Andrés Arauz the right to stand in next February's presidential election. The National Electoral Council.

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By Misión Verdad - Feb 5, 2021. On Sunday, February 7, presidential elections will be held in Ecuador, elections that are marked by the ravages of the pandemic, sudden changes in the electoral system and the political crisis during the last presidential term Presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, representing the Creating Opportunities party or CREO, flashes a thumbs up after attending an event with rival Yaku Perez, of the Pachakutik political party, in which both are asking for a ballot recount of Sunday's election, in Quito, Ecuador, Friday, Feb. 12, 2021

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  1. Associated Press Ecuador appears to elect conservative banker in presidential vote Published: April 11, 2021 at 11:23 p.m. E
  2. An Ecuadorian woman casts her vote at the Santiago de Guayaquil College during the general election, in Quito, Ecuador, on February 7, 2021. (AFP) Leftist economist Andres Arauz has claimed a resounding victory as exit polls predicted he would face right-wing ex-banker Guillermo Lasso in a runoff after polls closed in Ecuador's election
  3. ing in Cuenca. [2] [3] 2021 Ecuadorian general election
  4. Ecuador's National Electoral Council (CNE) revealed in the early hours of Monday that Arauz had won the first round of the election, against 16 other candidates, with 32.21 percent of the vote. As he did not reach the 50-percent threshold to avoid a runoff election, he will face the second-place candidate again in April

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  1. Arauz has consistently polled as one of the top two candidates to either win the election scheduled for February 7, 2021, or to be involved in a presidential runoff to be held April 12, 2021, if needed. UNES is the most popular left/progressive electoral alliance in Ecuador and is allied with the former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa
  2. Newly elected President of Ecuador Guillermo Lasso celebrates after winning the presidential runoff against candidate of Unión Por La Esperanza Andrés Arauz on April 11, 2021 in Guayaquil, Ecuador
  3. These crises are the backdrop for the presidential elections, which will be decided in a second round of voting this Sunday, April 11. To win the presidency in Ecuador, a candidate must either receive greater than 50 percent of the vote or over 40 percent and at least 10 percent more than the second-place candidate; otherwise, a second round.
  4. On 11 April, the people of Ecuador will cast their final vote to elect the country's next president. But as we approach the second round of Ecuador's presidential election, the attacks on its electoral process are escalating rapidly. In the last month alone, we have seen calls for a military coup published in Ecuador's most popular newspapers, efforts to disqualify candidates with false.
  5. From 2007 to 2017, Ecuador was a beacon of hope on the Latin American left, but the last four years have seen a neoliberal regime imposing IMF-driven austerity. The front-runner in polls for today's presidential election, left-winger Andrés Arauz, told Jacobin how he'll continue the Citizen Revolution — and build on his ally Rafael Correa's legacy
  6. QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Voters in Ecuador appeared to turn to a conservative businessman in Sunday's presidential runoff election, rebuffing a leftist movement that has held the presidency for over a decade marked by an economic boom and then a yearslong recession, while in neighboring Peru a crowded field of 18 candidates was virtually certain to result in a second round of presidential.
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Ecuador election goes into run-off with Arauz in the lead. Left-wing economist Andrés Arauz has won the first round of Ecuador's presidential election with about 32% of the vote - not enough for. update Article was updated Feb. 07, 2021. QUITO, Ecuador - A young leftist backed by a convicted-but-popular former president led the field of 16 candidates in early returns from Ecuador's. How Ecuador's Democracy Is Being Suffocated. Latin America • October 9, 2020 • Vijay Prashad and Pilar Troya. A recent poll showed that if Andrés Arauz Galarza were allowed to run in Ecuador's presidential election of 2021, he would win in the first round with 45.9 per cent of the vote. The pollsters found that Arauz - who was the minister of knowledge and human talent from 2015 to. Friday 09 April 2021 05:01. To win Sunday's elections, a candidate needs more than 50% of votes. Recent polls show the leading candidate, centrist Yonhy Lescano, with roughly 15%. Updated 2/7/2021 10:03 PM. QUITO, Ecuador -- A young leftist backed by a convicted-but-popular former president led the field of 16 candidates in early returns from Ecuador's presidential election.