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Current state of Caltopo vs Gaia? Question. Close. 40. Posted by 10 months ago. Archived. Current state of Caltopo vs Gaia? Question. Just curious on the current status of these apps, if one is noticeably better in a certain way. To start with I always use the Caltopo website to plan out my hikes Aug 27, 2013. Messages. 3,633. Location. Boston, MA. No, I don't think you can upload Caltopo maps into either Gaia, or the Inreach Mini. With that said, Gaia does have a bunch of Caltopo maps already as part of the premium inventory, and there's very little in Caltopo that you can't get in Gaia. Might want to check out the actual layers. CalTopo. A great system, CalTopo offers many of Gaia's best features, like customization and hybrid maps through layering. Unless you want those sweet, sweet premium maps, CalTopo will get you through most of your needs, particularly if you're more of a print-and-go guy. CalTopo's biggest drawback is its compatibility The slope shading layer is very similar to that used by CalTopo, further explained below. On Gaia GPS, the slope shading is available as a base map for the regular version, but this is difficult to use as it makes little sense without the topographic features. With Gaia GPS Premium, the slope shading can be added as an overlay on to the base map

CalTopo. Gaia. 11 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 3 years ago. I don't think it's a maintained trail, but it will exist in the sense that it's a hike-able path. You seem to be the type who prepares, studies the topo maps. CalTopo sources in Gaia GPS. We've received a few questions about what is going to happen to CalTopo map sources used in Gaia GPS when CalTopo ends their licensing agreements in Jan 2021. We will have replacement/improved map sources for these CalTopo layers up and running before our contract terms expire. These sources will be built by our. Transition seamlessly between your computer and mobile. The hassle of downloading and transferring GPX files between different apps is in the past. Download maps and routes for offline use. Make edits in the field and have them update once you get reception. Start Your

Gaia offers its standard topographic map for free. It covers the entire globe, using a combination of proprietary data and OpenStreeMap data. The main Gaia topo layer recently underwent a redesign that made it even easier to read, and even more beautiful to look at. CalTopo gives you tools to plan your backcountry adventures including. The web app is a far cry from Caltopo. For now I'll use Caltopo for planning, printing maps etc and Gaia on the phone. At year's end I'll ditch Gaia app on the phone and go with the Caltopo app. Gaia on Android (which I use) is pretty rough around the edges with weird bugs

2. Gaia GPS. Available for: Android and iOS. Website: Gaia GPS The Gaia GPS hiking app impressed us with live data while we were hiking - no other app in this review shows you so much information about your hike (speed graph, elevation graph, highest point and all other kinds of important information) And to get CalTopo's new higher precision elevation data and slope angle data, you need to use the CalTopo app. I advise you try the CalTopo app, and see how you like it, compared to GaiaGPS. Please, see the comments above where I listed some of what I think are meaningful advantages of the CalTopo app compared to the Gaia app Use CalTopo for collaborative trip planning, detailed elevation profiles and terrain analysis, printing geospatial PDFs, and exporting maps to your smartphone as KMZ or MBTiles files. Print free USGS topo PDFs! Export topographic maps to Google Earth and Garmin GPS as KML and KMZ files.. Gaia. Gaia GPS instantly turns any smartphone into a useful navigation device. Designed for hiking, hunting, and off-road explorations, Gaia is the app to plan, guide, and share your next outdoor journey. This information-dense app comes equipped with an impressive amount of features GPS Navigation: Using CalTopo and Gaia GPS. In this unique online class, you will practice live in a workshop how to use CalTopo to easily create and print custom physical maps for your future trips to anywhere on the globe. You will then transfer your custom waypoints and routes to the cell phone app Gaia GPS for use in the field

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Some of the sources have already been updated, and we started working on this earlier this year, before CalTopo reached out.We will have replacement data before the contract term expires. We don't think most users will notice, map/data-wise, except some of the sources will have better data Official topo maps from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). This quilt of digitized 1:24,000 USGS quadrangles covers the entire contiguous United States. Each quad covers 7.5 minutes of longitude by 7.5 minutes of latitude. The date of last update varies by region

CalTopo had been a free service. But to help cover costs and provide compensation for development time, CalTopo founder Matt Jacobs introduced a 3-tier membership model several weeks ago. I took the opportunity to interview Matt about this change and about the future of CalTopo. A screenshot from CalTopo, of the Kings Canyon High Basin Route. Caltopo's app is still pretty terrible (re-loads every time you navigate away from the foreground, sucks battery like crazy, handles large data sets very poorly). Gaia and BCN were filling a gap that Caltopo had left, and Caltopo removed that option without actually improving their app enough to make it a satisfactory replacement

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  1. I subscribe to Gaia and CalTopo. Agree with previous comments that Gaia is easier to use while hiking while CalTopo is better for planning. CalTopo's land ownership and slope angle shading layers are helpful, as is the 5-day satellite imagery. I wish CalTopo had a better UI. It looks like it was designed by a software engineer (I am a software.
  2. While Gaia takes a lot of flak from my students, its smoothing algorithms produced values closer to truth than either AllTrails or CalTopo (which is the newest and has the most room for improvement). While Gaia was consistently high by about 9%, it showed less variability between recordings
  3. @1Louder, Caltopo is not a layer in Gaia. CalTopo is a mapping and trip planning tool for the backcountry - here's their overview page. Several of the map layers in Gaia are sourced from Caltopo but it is a standalone application - either web based or on your computer for you to do mapping in. Think of it as a much updated version of the old.
  4. If you use Gaia GPS on your smartphone, and the Web-based CalTopo for your pre-trip route planning and map printing, then your printed maps will exactly match the maps and waypoints on your smartphone! [Pictured is a map printed from CalTopo, and the same map on an iPhone (with waypoints and routes imported from the CalTopo file, and download.
  5. Caltopo Digital Mapping. FWIW, I asked Gaia point blank if elevation change is a factor in their distance calculations. They said yes. So there has to be a better explanation to explain significant differences between digital map software trail miles vs trail miles reported in paper maps and guide books. I'm thinking it has be a trail.

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  1. If someone doesn't have the desire to run APRS Gaia is a much better app. CalTopo is more expensive as well. It looks like you cannot look for generic APRS broadcasts but have to put in specific callsigns. I wouldn't find that useful. Seeing all APRS data and in this case vehicles like -9 callsigns would be useful
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  3. Gaia GPS. An ideal tool for any backcountry traveler, Gaia GPS seamlessly blends utility—topographical maps that allow you to plan and track routes—with the ever-present desire to claim it. It's easy to record and share adventures, whether that's a local ski tour or an overnight backpacking trip

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The new Gaia GPS has a free trial and two price levels. Basic Gaia GPS Membership $19.99/year and a Premium Membership $39.99/year. Get GAIA GPS for 20% off with Adventure Alan discount. The Member Level lets you use the full app, and all but a few map sources - try it free for 7 days Sort through the entire Gaia GPS map catalog. Filter Maps by: Type. USGS Topo. US Topo. Free. Gaia Topo (feet) Free. Gaia Topo (meters) Austria Topo. France IGN Topo. Japan Topo. Finland Topo Maps. Luxembourg Topo. Luxembourg 1907 Topo. Luxembourg 1927 Topo. Luxembourg 1964 Topo. NatGeo Baja. New South Wales Topo. Gaia: basic membership $20, premium membership $40 onX Backcountry: Premium $30/yr CalTopo: $20/yr basic membership, $50/pro with more features. Closing thoughts. With Hunt, onX became a go-to digital mapping resource in the app world and there's a lot of buzz around what can happen with onX Backcountry as they continue to evolve the software Revisting Alltrails vs. Gaia For SOTA. I wrote a review of mapping / charting apps that I tested for hiking in February of 2018. As you know, my primary activity is hiking in support of Summits On The Air (SOTA) and therefore this is the lense by which I view these apps when doing a review. SOTA involves day hiking and overnight backpacking to.

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  1. Exporting a GPX from CalTopo or Gaia on desktop. I find it easier to plan trips on the big screen of a computer. Here are instructions for exporting the routes you've created in either CalTopo or Gaia and downloading them to your computer for the next step. CalTopo GPX export. Select Export > GPX from the top menu
  2. But GAIA is a great company with a great product and I will support the move by buying a subscription. The addition of NatGeo Trails Illustrated maps as another layer is huge, to me. They have to fund the server farm they created for the app and the price seems reasonable to me
  3. Gaia GPS recorded track at JLSHP. Yosemite National Park Field Test. For my Yosemite National Park trip, I created a 60-mile route that started at Glacier Point using CalTopo, rather than directly in Gaia, simply because that's how I've created routes in the past. I exported the CalTopo route to my device and used it with Gaia. It worked.
  4. CalTopo Slope Overlays 27°-29°, 30°-31°, 32°-34°, 35°-45°, 46°-50°, 51°-59°, >60° CalTopo Hill Shading CalTopo USGS Map
  5. Trying to connect two trails together? Gaia GPS makes it easy to piece several trails together with a snap-to-trail route builder. Create a route on a map to see how much elevation and distance the combined trails will be. I used Gaia GPS when planning a 10-day backpacking trip to Norway's Lofoten Islands
  6. CalTopo, US Topo, Gaia GPS and Guthooks are some of the apps worth a look. GPS Watches can be good if you want fitness monitoring. Possibly useful for climbing and running but otherwise seem a bit of a gizmo. Not something I bother with

Digital Navigation, Updated December 2019 Consider this: Alaska adventurers Luc Mehl and Roman Dial ice skated 100 miles in two days from Selawik to Kotzebue . That's cold, Alaska wilderness. Their only navigation tools where two iPhones loaded with routes, maps and images. No paper maps Basic membership ($20/year) CalTopo's basic membership runs you a cool $20 a year, but it's well worth the fee. This level of membership allows you all of the same great features of a free membership, with some additional perks. For example, you can save up to 20 non-public maps with the basic membership


For online if you have GAIA their online is decent. I also really like CALTOPO.com to create and edit GPX tracks before I head out but you need data connection to use both of those. A lot of times I dont have data connection espeically at king of the hammers so an offline gpx editor on windows was a requirement. for this I learned basecamp. Gaia GPS has been my go-to for several years; others have already covered Gaia pretty well in this thread. While I still love and use Gaia, I recently started using CalTopo.com more. It isn't as polished as Gaia but has some features that make it more useful in some circumstances

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The website bcnavxe.com is the web interface for BackCountry Navigator XE. With it you can plot points, routes, and boundaries for trips, and download them on demand in the mobile app. You can push trips created in the mobile app to the cloud as well for reviewing or sharing. Cross-Platform. BackCountry Navigator XE works on Android, has a beta. Gaia is a nice app but it doesn't cut it for this type of application in many ways. I have a pro subscription to Caltopo so I can down load larger areas in MBTiles format. I forget if a free user can download in this format but if you can then download an area and move it to FF and you will see the advantages

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  1. Add to Wishlist. $14.99 Buy. Download topo maps for an offline outdoor navigator! Use your phone or tablet as an offroad topo mapping handheld GPS with the bestselling outdoor navigation app for Android! Explore beyond cell coverage for hiking and other recreation. Download topo maps for the US and many other countries in advance, so you won't.
  2. MapSource to compare. The GPS track from the Gaia App: The GPS track from the Gar
  3. Maps: Your best and definitely cheapest bet would be to print out maps from Caltopo or GaiaGPS and use them in combination with the Cicerone guidebook. Alternatively, there is a set of 25 /1:50,000 sheets (with GPS compatible topographic base) from Rando Editions that cover the route. These can be purchased online from Omnimap or Stanford's
  4. --- Ends Today! ---LAUNCH DAY VIP SUPER EARLY BIRD: Join the 'BackCountry VIP Community' and get 3 full years of premium access to BackCountry Navigator XE, Thunderforest Maps, Caltopo Maps and Accuterra Maps, plus $20 In-App Credit and a copy of the original BackCountry Navigator PRO (for Android) for you or a frien
  5. Gaia GPS is a free app with 3 levels of membership. Free which gives you the default Gaia topo map layer for online use. Membership which expands the map collection and allows you to download maps for offline use. Premium membership. Premium unlocks all of the maps and allows you to layer maps
  6. I've used my phone and mapping apps a LOT: caltopo, Gaia, and onx. I primarily use onX for hunting just because of the waypoint icons. I will never convert to a standalone GPS, unless someone makes one that is touchscreen with a large screen and great resolution, two way messaging and emergency SAR contact, incredible battery life, and yearly.

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Ending Layer Licensing. CalTopo has always made its map layers available to other apps and websites, but we've decided it's time to phase that out. Our slope angle shading layer will no longer be available outside of CalTopo on Oct 1, with all other layers no longer available in other apps and sites in January 2021 Hey folks, did some searching, not much regarding the two head to head, and looking for personal experiences. I've been using Back Country Navigator.. I'm using gaia app on my iphone, but gaia has been available for android for a while, I think. a compass, and a downloaded AllTrails (or CalTopo is good too) map upon which we have made all sorts of notes. Put the phone in airplane mode, use the map on the phone, and go. Works like a dream... JBG . JBG. Wanderer ‎04-30-2021 08:10 AM

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Gaia requires more of a learning curve than the other apps because of the greater range of features. You'll likely eventually want to use it along with CalTopo which allows you to draw your own maps and import them into Gaia. Bob Klann says: October 24, 2017 at 2:53 pm . Gotcha. I see it's available on Google Play for $20 for Android as well Related: Check out my in-depth step-by-step guide on how to find dispersed camping spots using Caltopo and Google Maps. Gaia GPS for reliable offline maps and real-time route tracing. Use the Gaia GPS (Trail maps) for real-time route planning, reading and sharing as well as for downloadable maps of the area. You can't rely on Google maps to.

Gaia has removed the trail/route completely, Alltrails has it named and shows it as a hiking trail, and Caltopo has it named and labelled as a climbing route, when zoomed in. Ultimately, I believe our goal is the same, to make people safer in the backcountry For iPhone users I would suggest looking at Gaia. This is a full-fledged mapping app and it also can use maps from Caltopo along with dozens of others. Maps are available to download for offline use and it's simple to import a GPX file in via Dropbox

We use Caltopo to research trips, plan routes, and print maps for many of our backpacking adventures. It takes a little time to learn the tool, but it's is an excellent resource. We use Gaia GPS for on-trail navigation on most of our backpacking trips. We always bring a topo map and compass, but Gaia is an excellent tool in the field Having problems with GAIA myself. Wanted to use Caltopo, said I had to buy membership, which I had. Did not find anyway to reach customer service (wanted my name and password, which it rejected). I did try to look into onx, but after 5 minutes the web site wouldn't load. Other than making my cell phone really hot, I have liked GAIA I recently had an article published in TrailGroove Magazine that gives a nice overview of my thoughts on thru-hiking the Pyrenees and French Alps. For those of you that have been waiting for more of an advice post on hiking in France, this was just the impetus I needed to finally put something up on the blog

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Gaia Guru Locus Osmand Gpx viewer pro Caltopo Kurviger #42. Carl_Mega likes this. eightball298, May 3, 2021 #43. eightball298 n00b. Joined: Sep 22, 2017 Oddometer: 3 Location: Tempe, AZ. The Trail Tech Voyager seems to have been around forever. I wonder if that has the sort of no-frills save me from getting lost focus I'm looking for 14erskiers is a blog hosted by Brittany Konsella and Frank Konsella, specializing in skiing backcountry skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities in Crested Butte, CO and beyond For U.S. Forest Service lands, the gold standard for large-scale maps is a digitized series, produced by the USFS and accessed digitally, using platforms like CalTopo and /or GaiaGPS. It's easy to export USFS, and USGS, maps out of CalTopo and Gaia into print-ready PDFs. I'm a fan of 11-by-17-inch printouts Tracks. Tracks act like breadcrumb trails, allowing you to see where you or another individual traveled in the past. This allows you to navigate a path previously taken. Tracks contain track points, not waypoints or points of interest. There are two different types of tracks: Active Track Log: Contains track points for your current activity

In western Canada, the Mytopo maps match the map set called Western Canada CanMatrix which is available in many GPS Apps like Backcountry Navigator, or Gaia GPS. t4 CalTopo Despite the GMap label USA, in BC this shows the 1:20,000 TRIM data Step 1: Create the Map in CalTopo. First off, visit the free CalTopo website and find the area that you'd like to create a map for.. CalTopo has a powerful set of mapping tools that you can use for free. You can explore the tools and layers of CalTopo on their tutorial page.. You can choose from many map layers and also overlay maps on top of other maps Wilderness Navigation. A GPS device is an amazing backcountry navigation tool. But it still only gives you straight line bearing and distance to an objective, which is often not an option in the mountains. Augment your GPS with some basic contour reading skills to help you choose the best route There are usually at most a few tens of points in a route. (Garmin for instance has 20 routes with up to 30 waypoints each in most of their units.) Tracks are made up of data gathered automatically from your motion while the GPS is turned ON. They provide a record of where you've been, and when, so you can later determine your path and speed

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Caltopo is far superior for printing than Gaia, but there isn't much (any?) info about anyone doing the HRP with the caltopo map source. -You carried both French and Spanish IGN 50,000 maps. Anecdotally, I've heard good things about French maps and bad things about Spanish maps backcountry navigator vs gaia. 22 Avg. Traffic to Competitors . 49 Organic Competition. Start free trial for all Keywords. Optimizing for buyer keywords caltopo.com 178 . trailrunproject.com 159 . gaiagps.com 138 . adventurealan.com.

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Gaia is the jam but if you're not savvy with that type of software it just won't be right or you. OnX is probably more your speed. It'll point you to the trails that everyone does. Gaia will give you ALL the options for you to explore on your own. If you want to explore and adventure, Gaia is the tool Gaia is also nice to have if you need to alter your route plans in the field. While a bit more difficult and time consuming than a fully featured desktop or web tool such as Caltopo, I have plotted tours right in the app. The Gaia app can be purchased for about $20, with options for more advanced mapping layers at an additional cost 2. Raster maps don't scale smartly. Here is an example of what I mean. The CalTopo 24K are a popular free map for BCN or Gaia. And they are great for hiking. But, they just plain suck for my purposes in vehicle nav. The road on them is just a pair of dashed lines, against varying backgrounds Practice with Caltopo, GaiaGPS, Smartphone Gaia, and GPX Files. Print a map around your home area. Download a map. Import a GPX. Learn At Trailhead activities - calibrate tools, set waypoint, discuss duties. Learn En-Route activities - introduce situational awareness, OODA Loop Paper vs digital. The current generation of thru-hikers might consider me old school for my continued reliance on paper maps. But overall I think that they are functionally superior. They

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  1. ute quadrangles. From approximately 1947 to 1992, more than 55,000 7.5-
  2. CalTopo is a backcountry map which offers an overlay feature including a topographic map of the country and many useful details about the conditions of the area you wish to explore. (CalTopo has an app for Android phones, but it is far more user-friendly on a desktop) FreeRoam app and PublicLand app are great on-the-go alternatives for a quick.
  3. g issues with GPS when the path was being tracked with Gaia and some path glitching
  4. The app I've been using for many years, MotionX GPS, is no longer available (https://support.motionx.com/).While it still works, I want to find something that is.
  5. g a reality. And even with digital resources, I still love maps. The forms and use of maps might change, but they are not going away. And different maps have different uses
  6. iOverlander | Find your next destination. Click to Find your Next Destination. iOverlander is a nonprofit project. We are almost completely volunteer run. If you enjoy our app, if it has saved you some time, or petrol, or cash, please consider giving back

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Importing the Garmin route is easier but there are still a few things you need to pay attention to. First, select the box with the down arrow in the top right corner. Next, import lines as routes. Select Import Items as New Collections. Select MapShare, then select your Garmin device to sync and finally give the import file a name caltopo or garmin connect trimbleoutdoors ridewithgps runningahead.com vo2max, calorie calculators pre-load topo maps, waypoints, tracks, on smart-phone apps so even without cell coverage you can use the phone's GPS, e.g. iHikeGPS or Gaia GPS; smartphone custom trail maps TrailForks.com app travelbygps.com; geocaching.com-- learn about geocachin

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Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping (9 Similar Apps, 6 Review Highlights & 118,841 Reviews) vs Memory-Map (9 Similar Apps, 2 Review Highlights & 3,906 Reviews) Now you can bring the best in outdoor GPS navigation and mapping to your smartphone or tablet, thanks to Earthmate mobile app technology. This versatile app lets you download detailed maps directly to your mobile device Notes on the data. This year we had 460 completed surveys - a 45% decrease vs. last year.; Some responses have been sorted and colored to present the data in a friendlier manner (e.g. northbound vs. southbound responses).; Not all PCT hikers meticulously document the stats of their thru-hike (yes, I'm weird).Therefore, the data is not going to be 100% accurate Haute Route Pyrenees planning: maps, apps, GPX data, and more. Updated 2019-07-12 to reflect my final setup on the eve of my hike. From mid-July 2019, I'll be thru-hiking the Haute Route Pyrenees. Planning is now well underway, and in this blog post I'd like to outline my approach to maps, route planning, and how I'll handle navigation on.

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Caltopo, as the name would suggest, originated for CAL ifornia TOPO graphic maps. The website uses maps based on 7.5′ USGS quads for the United States as its base. But you can also use historic maps (useful for finding old miner trails in the western mountains), park brochures, USFS maps and so on. ( EDIT: And apparently Canadian topos, too I use avenza pdf maps for the maps i make in caltopo. It worked, and i used it a lot, but i never got used to the little screen and found it unreliable in heavy forest, near big walls and in canyons. Using Maps Vs Gps Staar - Gaia Gps Vs Alltrails - Review And Feature Comparison Source: icdn3.digitaltrends.com CalTopo enhanced relief, which uses a multiply blend filter but retains the standard. 315 degree light source. CalTopo terrain relief, which uses a 7 different light sources. If the out-of-the-box terrain shading doesn't quite work for you, there's now an Add Custom Relief option under the Add New Layer menu Type a place name or address to see the maps available in your area. We offer both the USGS Classic Quads and the new US Topos, Aerial Photos, Satellite Images, Private Land Ownership maps, and more. Call 877-587-9004 if you need assistance