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Blue Yeti X (Low Volume and Sound like a robot) I changed my Yeti for a Yeti X, and the volume is so low, and when i put my earphones to hear me, i hear me like a robot (little double voice), my old yeti sound naturaly, idk if is a problem or i have to get used to. When i record, it sound perfect, but the problem is in the real time Hey I recently got the Blue yeti nano and it worked fine for like a week before I had this issue. When I try to use it for calls it repeats whatever I said into it 3-10 times in a row before moving onto the next word in both discord and the blue app Blue Yeti nano repeating sound Hey I recently got the Blue yeti nano and it worked fine for like a week before I had this issue When I try to use it for calls it repeats whatever I said into it 3-10 times in a row before moving onto the next word in both discord and the blue app Archived. Yeti Nano Too Quiet. No Mic Boost! I bought a Blue Yeti Nano, and it's frustrating me to no end. No one can hear me. When I listen through the monitoring headphone jack, it seems to pick up every single thing. But when I record or talk through Discord, no one can hear me. Everyone has to crank me up to 200% and then it's still quiet

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  1. Yeti Nano on iPhone - levels way too high. I use the official Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter from Apple to connect my Yeti Nano to my iPhone 12. I use an app called Teleprompter to record myself using the Nano and the front-facing camera. Levels (gain?) are crazy high - so high the audio is unusable (it crackles all the time)
  2. Blue Yeti nano repeating sound. Hey I recently got the Blue yeti nano and it worked fine for like a week before I had this issue. When I try to use it for calls it repeats whatever I said into it 3-10 times in a row before moving onto the next word in both discord and the blue app. When I test it in the blue app by recording my voice and.
  3. g with the Blue Nano (Blue Sherpa) automatically updated the mic just as it is supposed to I guess. I was happy as hell and then I saw this message in the Blue Sherpa Software

Connecting a Blue Yeti Nano to Zoom H4 or H6. I want to know if it is possible to connect a blue yeti nano to a zoom portable recording device such as a H4 OR H6 using a couple of adaptors. I am thinking of getting a. USB micro to 3.5mm female jack and a 3.5mm male TRS to XLR cable. Or. USB micro to 3.5mm female jack and a 3.5mm Trs to 3.5mm Trs My brother has a yeti nano and has been trying to get it to work on his new pc (Acer nitro 50) it has power to it and lights up but when he goes to open the software from Blue it doesnt recognize it's there, the pc doesnt even recognize that its connected, I want to help him get it working as he was really excited to get it running but cant talk in games to his teammate

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The Nano isn't just a Yeti Pro shrunk down a few inches - Blue has gone with a more minimalist, utilitarian approach. The micro USB to USB connector is located on the bottom of the mic, as is the headphone jack. On the front of the mic is just a clearly labeled volume knob that also doubles as a mute button Blue Yeti Nano - Design and Features. While the original Yeti is an excellent USB microphone, it certainly lived up to its name with its huge size. The Yeti Nano, as the name implies, is a. 1. has a mute function. Blue Yeti Nano. Blue Yeti Pro. The device has an option to mute/unmute a conversation directly from the device. 2. has hyper-cardioid pattern. Blue Yeti Nano. Blue Yeti Pro. A hyper-cardioid or super-cardioid pattern is a narrower version of the cardioid pattern

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  1. The Blue Yeti is a popular microphone due to the quality it offers at the $100 price point, but I'm after something smaller for travel. Let's see how the ori..
  2. The Blue Yeti Nano is like the younger sibling of the Blue Yeti. Its more compact size makes it easier to stash away or to ignore on your desk, but only one of our testers rated this microphone in.
  3. i jack socket, you can use the device with most headphones. 2. Signal-to-Noise ratio (DAC) 100dB. 100dB. When a digital signal is converted to an analog one (for example when playing audio through speakers or headphones), a certain amount of noise is carried.
  4. The Blue Yeti Nano stands out in this market, particularly among its pricier siblings, by offering near-identical sound at a lower cost. The reasons not to buy a Yeti Nano extend across the lines.
  5. Connect Yeti with the supplied USB cable. Move your mouse to the lower-right side of the screen to open the Windows 8.1 Charms Bar menu, choose Settings, select Control Panel, and click on Hardware and Sound. Click on Sounds. Select the Playback tab, choose Yeti Stereo Microphone, and click the Set Default button
  6. Discord invite: https://discord.gg/jazsD2TVoicemeter banana: https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.ht
  7. i reboot of the wildly-popular original attempts to retain the overall sound quality of the original in a smaller package while removing a few features specifically designed for recording singing vocals or musical instruments

Problem with Blue Yeti Microphone after recent update from Windows 10. So after a recent update to Windows 10 on either 5/14/18 or 5/15/18, my microphone as ceased to function. I have spent around 5 hours in my free time trying to get it to work with other programs. I have a Blue Yeti Microphone and it was working perfectly fine before the. Hi, I live in an environment where there is a lot of traffic noise and people shouting, etc. even though I set the gain totally low the noises are getting captured and I have my PC near a window and the noises are coming from all directions, even if I close the windows still the sounds are captured especially the vehicle horns and these sounds are like 24/7 Windows (7, 8.1, 10) Connect the microphone directly to your PC using the provided USB cable. Access your Sound Menu by either: Right clicking on your Speakers/Volume icon and selecting Sounds. Typing Sounds into your Windows Search box. Click the Recording tab and right click on your Blue Mic to select Set as Default Device The Yeti Nano sits as an outlier as the most 'expensive' budget mic on the list but offers more than the cheaper mics regarding features. Blue Yeti Nano Professional... Blue Yeti Nano. Amazon. 1. has a mute function. Blue Yeti Nano. Rode NT-USB Mini. The device has an option to mute/unmute a conversation directly from the device. 2. has hyper-cardioid pattern. Blue Yeti Nano. Rode NT-USB Mini. A hyper-cardioid or super-cardioid pattern is a narrower version of the cardioid pattern. It captures audio in front of the microphone at a.

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The gray Blue Yeti Nano is available to buy now for $99 / £89. Over the coming month, handsome blue, red, and gold variants will also become available. No YouTuber should have to sacrifice looks. Today I compare the new Blue Yeti Nano to the Blue Yeti Classic and the Blue Yeti Pro to help you decide which of these three budget mics is best, and which. Samson Q2U vs Blue Yeti. Samson Q2U. - Best of both worlds: professional handheld dynamic microphone with USB digital output for connecting to a computer and XLR analog output for connecting to a mixer, audio interface or portable PA system. - Sound your best: dynamic microphone capsule with a cardioid pickup pattern captures sound from in.

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  1. The guy has the yeti a foot away from his mouth, and it sounds pretty good. But when I try a set up like this, The yeti sounds really bad. And really unclear. So I would like why when he does that set up it sounds good but when I try it sounds horrible. It sounds kind of like in a tube wihtout that much echo. I don't have that much echo btw Thank
  2. Although Blue Yeti comes with its mic stand that is excellent for all basic needs, a proper boom arm will greatly improve its utility. The boom arm works especially well for singers, podcasters, and live streamers who may need to keep the mic in different positions with optimum stability
  3. 8. Is compatible with Mac OS X. Blue Yeti Pro. Blue Yeti X. It is compatible with Mac OS X devices such as MacBooks and iMacs. 9. has omni pattern. Blue Yeti Pro. Blue Yeti X. An omni polar pattern captures audio from every direction
  4. Blue's answer is the Yeti Nano - a compact, beautiful-sounding mic, that ups the original's bitrate to a studio-level 24-bit while reducing its footprint significantly. Nevertheless, some cuts had to be made. Let's find out what they are and whether they affect Yeti's position as one of the best condenser mic options on the market
  5. g and Zoom calls. Inspired by the legendary Blue Yeti, Yeti Nano combines 24-bit sound quality with powerful Blue VO!CE * vocal effects for professional recording and strea

Blue Yeti Nano. Blue's popular Yeti Nano is currently on sale at Amazon Canada. Blue is synonymous with external USB audio solutions at this point, and the Yeti is their flagship product. While the Yeti may be their best microphone, the Nano reduces the footprint significantly while still offering similar performance Blue Yeti X är en hypermodern USB-mikrofon för spel på professionell nivå, Twitch™-streaming, podcasts och YouTube™-produktioner. Med en helt ny kondensatormatris med fyra kapslar levererar Yeti X legendariskt Blue-sändningsljud med större fokus och klarhet än någonsin, i fyra mångsidiga upptagningsmönster Enlaces de compra・Rode NT-USB: https://amzn.to/31KlzZS・Blue Yeti: https://amzn.to/33NX7IS・Blue Yeti Nano: https://amzn.to/2N9mS0f Material de. A comparison between the Blue Yeti Microphone vs the Razer Siren X microphone that helps you decide which one to purchase/buy. This video tests both of their.. 10FT Long USB Cable Cord Wire for Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser and Blue Yeti Nano USB Microphone (NOT for Other Blue Yeti Models, Please See Product Pictures Before Buying) 4.5 out of 5 stars 144. $8.95 $ 8. 95. Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 9. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

The Blue Yeti Nano is a really great microphone to use for Twitch live streams, doing voiceovers for YouTube and other videos, and even for doing Zoom calls. The audio quality from this microphone. The Blue Yeti Nano is the latest product produced by Blue microphones. It is a smaller version of their original Blue Yeti. This version is 4.7 inches tall and has a circumference of 3 inches. It comes with a weighted stand, a 4ft micro USB to USB A and a boom arm adapter. The microphone ships in a shaped foam case so there are no concerns. 1. has a mute function. Blue Yeti. Elgato Wave:3. The device has an option to mute/unmute a conversation directly from the device. 2. has hyper-cardioid pattern. Blue Yeti. Elgato Wave:3. A hyper-cardioid or super-cardioid pattern is a narrower version of the cardioid pattern. It captures audio in front of the microphone at a narrow angle and. The Blue Yeti has been the go-to USB mic for most people in the past years now, for better or for worse, and even though there have been dozens of other microphones released over the years that have been trying to emulate it, it's always been the top choice for most people. Now, Elgato came Blue Yeti vs Elgato Wave 3; Get the Right one! Read More

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Blue Yeti Black Friday Sale 2021. Hereunder is a complete list of Blue Yeti Deals on Black Friday. Blue Yeti Blackout Edition. Blue Yeti Silver. Blue Yeti White. Blue Yeti Midnite Blue. Blue Yeti Stain Red. Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic for Recording and Streaming. Hot Deal PLEASE QUOTE ME IF YOU ARE REPLYING TO ME. LinusWare Dev | NotCPUCores Dev. Desktop Build: Ryzen 7 1800X @ 4.0GHz, AsRock Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming, 32GB Corsair DDR4 @ 3000MHz, RX480 8GB OC, Benq XL2730 1440p 144Hz FS. Retro Build: Intel Pentium III @ 500 MHz, Dell Optiplex G1 Full AT Tower, 768MB SDRAM @ 133MHz, Integrated Graphics, Generic 1024x768 60Hz Monito

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1. has a socket for a 3.5 mm audio jack. AKG Lyra. Blue Yeti X. With a standard mini jack socket, you can use the device with most headphones. 2. Signal-to-Noise ratio (DAC) 98dB. 100dB. When a digital signal is converted to an analog one (for example when playing audio through speakers or headphones), a certain amount of noise is carried in. 10,510. 0. Mar 2, 2014. #1. I recently purchase a Blue Yeti USB Microphone at Radioshack and been experiencing technical difficulties ever since I plugged it in to my Windows Vista desktop. I notice that every time I record my voice and play it on Audacity, it sounds very high pitched and distorted. At first I thought it had something to do. The Blue Yeti has a better frequency response as compared to Snowball. It features three capsules and picks up a wider range of frequencies. It allows you to produce audio between 20 Hz to 20K Hz. The Snowball has less frequency range as compared to Yeti. It can capture audio between 40 Hz to 18 Hz Soft Coolers From $79.99 + Free Shipping. Get extra savings with this Free Shipping YETI Promo Code. Save up to 50% OFF with those YETI coupons and discounts for July 2021. Use best coupon codes online whenever you need. MORE+. 1292 used Last used 11 days ago

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The Blue Compass is brand new (as of March 2018) from Blue and their first boom arm. This is a high-quality accessory that includes hidden cable management, hand-tightened springs, and 360-degree rotation. It can hold 2.4lbs (enough for the Blue Yeti plus a shock mount) and is designed to clamp to your desk like all the boom arms recommended here 6) Blue Yeti Sounding Muffled! If you hear muffled sound when using your Blue Yeti mic, then it may be a case of a wrong setting. As mentioned above, your Blue Yeti mic comes with four modes or polar patterns, namely: cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional, and bidirectional. You can figure out the right setting for whatever you are doing Is compatible with Mac OS X. Blue Yeti X. HyperX QuadCast. It is compatible with Mac OS X devices such as MacBooks and iMacs. 9. has omni pattern. Blue Yeti X. HyperX QuadCast. An omni polar pattern captures audio from every direction. It is particularly useful when the audio source is moving around, or if you wish to capture the audio from a. Where it comes up short against the standard Blue Yeti is that it's lacking the original's stereo and bidirectional recording modes. For the purposes of streaming and podcasting, you won't miss these too much. Even so, the Nano has its bigger sibling beat in the sense that it can record at a 24-bit sound rate vs. the Yeti's 16

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Blue Yeti Nano. The Blue Yeti Nano is one of the most popular condenser mics on the market today. This microphone is a firm favorite among podcasts the world over. And it's no real surprise to find out why. The Yeti Nano offers high-quality recording at 24bit and 48Hz which is not always available in mics of this price Joined Apr 4, 2013 Messages 3,000 Reaction score 1,944 Age 3

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  1. The Blue Yeti X is a desktop USB microphone that offers a bit beefier components than you'd usually find in its competitors. That's probably why its predecessor, the Yeti, is so popular among the at-home recording crowd. Not only is the Yeti fairly inexpensive, but it offers recording results that are only slightly worse than a more studio.
  2. 4. Some people get REALLY lucky, and the Blue Yeti microphone sounds good for them without any work on their part. I've noticed that this happens to almost entirely men who speak in a really quiet, monotone voice. Often, they don't have sharp s's and their voice is deep and boomy
  3. 21,815. 995. Jan 7, 2019. #6. ON your PC: Try the built in Windows troubleshooters. They may find and fix something. Download, reinstall, and reconfigure the audio card drivers. Another thought/question regarding After getting my PC done
  4. Blue plans to sell it alongside the original $130 Yeti and the smaller $100 Yeti Nano. But that extra cost is going to get you a better microphone with active visual monitoring of your audio level

How can I fix sounding far away in my blue yeti microphone? Let's first consider what a far away sound is, and then figure out a strategy to eliminate that sound. DIRECT SOUND - what you do want The sound you record is a combination of the direc.. When recording with my Blue Yeti in any recording program (I primarily use Audition CC), there is this very high pitched and very annoying white noise, it's very obvious in the audio file I'll link below. Although you might have to turn up your volume in order to hear it. (The fan isn't what I mean). This happens on both my laptop and desktop

Active Member. Jul 31, 2019. #2. If something is playing back to some speaker what is recorded by your Yeti, this is picked up by the Yeti and here you have your echo loop. You should make it so that the only output device where you monitor your voice is your headset/headphones. If you don't use headphones, don't monitor the mic to any speakers Blue Yeti X. 9 / 10. Yes. This is one of the best all-around USB microphones available for less than $200. Blue has done something pretty special with the Yeti X by making it easy to use out of. Professional Kit for Blue Yeti Nano: Package comes with all you need for your Blue Yeti Nano microphones for studio recording and live sound, a microphone stand, a pop filter, a windscreen, two screws adapters (3/8 to 5/8 and 5/8 to 1/4) a mount clamp, a mic clip and five cable ties This Blue Yeti Nano is a smaller, more cost-effective version of the classic Blue Yeti microphone; it has the sound quality we love from the original in a smaller footprint. In short, this is a premium USB microphone designed for broadcast quality productions. You can use it for YouTube videos, game streaming, Skype, voiceovers, and podcasting

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Blue Yeti Alternatives Comparison Table. 1. Best Overall - HyperX QuadCast. Lack of proper competition was the main reason why the Yeti has reigned supreme for so long, but Blue will need to step its game up now that the HyperX QuadCast is here The Blue Microphones product line has a long line of quality mics and another mic is now joining that list. The Blue Yeti Nano is the newest microphone to release by Blue and it will be very. While the Blue Yeti is a little scooped, the AT2020 is pretty flat, with even a slight boost with the mids and a noticeable boost in the higher register. In the end, the Yeti is mostly focused on regular talk or spoken parts and isn't that great for singing, acoustic instruments, and instrument amplifiers Right-click on the Speaker icon. Select Recording Devices. Locate your Blue Yeti mic (keep in mind that it might be under the name USB Advanced Audio Device). Right-click on the device and select Set Default Device. Click Apply and OK to save the changes. Now check if your Blue Yeti issue has been resolved

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Yeti X. State-of-the-art flagship USB microphone for professional-level gaming, Twitch streaming, podcasting and YouTube productions. M/N: More. Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition. M/N: A00104. More. Yeticaster. Pro Broadcast Bundle with Yeti, Radius III, and Compass The new Yeti X USB microphone makes it easier than ever to dial in professional sound with groundbreaking Blue VO!CE broadcast vocal effects. Whether you want to sound crisp and modern, warm and vintage, or craft your own unique sound, Blue VO!CE effects have everything you need to get the job done

Twitter Facebook Reddit Mail. Share. Blue's Yeti Nano is built for simple, high-quality desktop recording. The company's latest plug-and-play USB microphone is $100. By B. Steele, 08.28.2018 So I have a blue yeti currently that I plug my headset into the audio jack on and then I can hear my computer and myself talk and I love it, but I have decided to get some really nice headphones the m50x's and I heard that getting an amp or dac can really make it sound even better, but fro my understanding most of amps and dac's connect to the computer via usb and then you headphones plug into it

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Blue is known for making excellent quality, and cool-looking microphones which certainly aren't as expensive as some others out there. The Blue Yeti is their most famous microphone which works through USB and is plug n' play, meaning that all you need to do is connect it and that's it, it's ready for use Best Portable Mic for Streaming and Podcasting. Blue Yeti Nano. See on Best Buy. See it on Walmart. Type: 2 x Blue 14mm condenser capsules Sensitivity: -47db Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz Sample.

Press Windows key and R key together to open Run dialog. Then type devmgmt.msc in the box and click OK to continue. In the Device Manager window, find the Sound, video and game controllers and expand it. Find out the Blue Yeti drive r and right-click it. Then choose Update driver to continue For the price, the Blue Yeti is a great USB microphone, offering excellent sound quality and support for a variety of recording setups. You may find it difficult to fit the Yeti into your standard. Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic for Recording and Streaming-Blackout Visit the Blue Microphones Store. 4.6 out of 5 stars 105 ratings The reddit thread I was reading said, Well, your only real option is position yourself 45 degrees to the microphone to get a decent level of voice so it doesn't get blown out or too soft I have to admit my podcast microphone pet peeve: The Blue Yeti Mic. Recently I attended a coaching group meetup, and the presenter was a consultant who also considered herself a podcasting expert. And it was put to us in dogmatically certain terms that the Blue Yeti is simply 'The Best Microphone For Podcasters'. So in this post it is my solemn duty to disabuse our dear prospects and Yeti fans.

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Blue Yeti. Moving on to Blue Yeti, this mic looks nothing like Snowball. In fact, it has a cool and retro look that is sleek and eye-catching. Yeti has a stable stand and no tripods, so the possibility for knocking over, even for those prone to accidents, is way less. The base is circular and solid, so it gives good stability to the product as. 3 Responses » Tagged with: Big Lake mystery novel, Blue Yeti Nano standalone microphone, central Florida coast, COVID, Dragon Professional 15 dictation software, editing and proofreading, errors when narrating in Dragon, Geeks on Tour, Go Daddy, headset microphone, Living the RV dream podcas, online Dragon support group, standalone microphone. Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition (Grey) at Amazon for $179.99; This is a sturdy, handsome mic. Immediately more at home among pro audio equipment than rival mics from gaming-first companies. I have been having this problem with my Blue Yeti microphone where my mic randomly stops working. After I re-select it (on Discord or OBS for example) the audio picks up again. I have tried removing the device, re-plugging in, and running the troubleshooter. Drivers are up to date on the mic and the troubleshooter says the device is working.

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The Blue Yeti is significantly larger than the Rode NT. Due to this, the stand for the mic is more solid with the Blue Yeti. This also makes the microphone weigh significantly more than the Rode NT which weighs in at just over a pound. Also, if fashion is a consideration, keep in mind that the Blue Yeti comes in a variety of colors whereas the. It stands head and shoulders above the Blue Yeti Nano - at least in terms of height - and may raise an eyebrow or two when you see what it can do. This is an all-signing, all-dancing microphone. Jun 1, 2013. #2. The same kind of thing happened to me with my blue yeti. It worked for a while but then it started to not connect to the computer. I ended up buying a replacement USB cord from amazon and now it's been working 100% fine ever since! I think the cords that come with the blue yetis are just really bad quality and break easily

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Blue is one of the most popular audio companies around, especially due to the widespread use of the company's Blue Yeti desktop condenser microphone. The Yeti is an excellent microphone, but Blue also sells a smaller version with most of the same features and a lower price point. Now you can get.. Product Title Blue Microphones Yeti Nano premium USB Mic for Recor Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 4 reviews 4 ratings Current Price $149.99 $ 149 . 9 Blue Yeti: Amazon, Sweetwater. Audio-Technica AT2020+ USB. There are few better-known brands in the music industry than Audio-Technica. They make some of the best microphones on the market and the AT2020 is the go-to mic for almost every beginner home recording enthusiast, plus you won't see a studio that doesn't have at least a couple of them The Yeti Nano is available today in Shadow Grey for $99.99 - $30 less than the original Yeti. We'll see in launch in other colors like Vivid Blue, Red Onyx, and Cubano Gold at some point in.