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Per your description, the OneDrive Save button and Folders in iPhone are grayed out, given your scenario, we are trying to test it in OneDrive version 12.19.5, as you can see, when I go to OneDrive and create a new document> it will show the Save page> click Save> Add Storage Account> OneDrive for Business> I can save it to OneDrive without problem For example, when looking at a PDF (email attachment or a PDF in the iOS Notes App) or a photograph in Photos, I click the share button, navigate to Save to Files on the bottom row of icons, and then get to the following screen (see below) where Dropbox is greyed out Fix iCloud Backup grey out by selecting automatic backup in iCloud through iTunes on your computer. Follow the given steps: Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes. Click on your iPhone and go to Summary But if I select that, the 'save' button is greyed out. I figured it was because there was no folder 'On My iPhone' but I don't seem to see an option to create a local folder. As it is the only thing I can do is save it to iCloud Drive or Google Drive, but I don't want to do that, I want to save it locally Create a new project and select the Document Based App template in the iOS tab. Name it Files Local Storage or something. Connect your device using a USB cable. Install it on your device! Select your iPhone out of the list in the toolbar, and click the big play button in the top left

On your iPad, simply drag files into the On My iPad folder to store them directly on your device. If you want to save a file locally on your iPhone or iPod touch, follow these steps. Go to the file that you want to store on your device. Tap Select > the file name > Organize . Under On My [Device], choose a folder or tap New Folder to create a. Tap the setting that is set to 'Don't Allow' and change it to 'Allow'. Any setting in the iPhone Settings app that was greyed out can be fixed here. These restrictions are normally parental controls that allow you to control the content that is available on an iPhone

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Restart your iPhone or iPad. Make sure that Use Cellular Data is on for Photos and Camera. Go to Settings and tap Cellular or tap Mobile Data, then turn on Photos and Camera. Change the default Camera setting to see this helps Basic Things To Consider That Can Fix iCloud Backup Greyed Out Issue Restart your iPhone as restart can solve many problems. Make sure that your device is connected to stable and continuous Wi-Fi connection. Logout and then log-in back to your iCloud account

To save an item to the Files app: When you want to save an item to Files, tap the Share icon (which looks like a box with an arrow on top). This opens the Share tab, next select Save to Files. You may have to tap the More icon (which has three dots on it) to select Save to Files. A screen will pop up and you can choose to store the item to. To resolve the issue, you need to first check that the Files app has the required permissions to use cellular data. On the Settings screen, tap Cellular Data, scroll down, and then check that the.. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to the Files app. On a PC with iCloud for Windows, go to File Explorer > iCloud Drive. If you still don't see the latest changes or you see an in-progress change icon or the iCloud icon in the notification area (system tray), try to save a new document to the iCloud Drive folder When the iPhone first came out, it was among the first to finally offer a full HTML web browser in the palm of your hand. With a proper downloads manager, combined with the Files app, the iPhone is finally moving closer to being a full mobile version of Safari on the desktop. Don't Miss: 20+ Features in iOS 13's Safari You Don't Want to Mis Works on image files from all kinds of cameras - DSLRs, digital camera, Android phone, iPhone, etc. How to repair greyed-out or grey boxes over photos. Download Stellar Repair for Photo on your PC or Mac computer. Click Add File and browse to add grey box image file

Dealing with files on iOS 12 isn't as straightforward as on Windows 10, but that doesn't mean you can't integrate your OneDrive account fully and download files on your iPhone or iPad and save. New iPhone with iOs 13 pre-installed Friday. Made heavy use of Dropbox App for file saving (screenshots of Work / Financial Files). Now when select location (which works fine) and drill down into target folder - even the the folder target name is correctly displayed Post button is greyed out When trying to move items within the File app, choosing the Dropbox folder seems to change the option move to copy automatically. This may be why you see the option greyed out when moving, and you would need to copy the files to Dropbox and then can remove them from the original location if you need to. Let me know what you find - Thanks It doesn't matter if you prefer using iCloud, Dropbox, or even OneDrive, or any other Cloud Storage service, there's a way for you to save email attachments on iPhone and iPad. Whether it's a spreadsheet or presentation, a PDF, or plain text you can save your attachments using the Mail app right from your iPhone. This is extremely helpful if you'll need to save the attachment for later When I am looking at folders and files in a native Finder window, they appear normal. But when a dialogue box pops up - for example to open a file in an application, to attach a file in an email, to save a file from an application, all of the file names contained in the folder and all of the folders are grayed out

Make some minor change and 'Save As' the photo to the same location, overwriting the original file. Most of the time this is helpful, as it writes the missing data in the image file, which might be absent in the original file. Conclusion. Grey box in photos or greyed-out photos problem can be easily fixed by Jpeg Repair software. The. 1. Dec 7, 2015. #1. Hello all, I recently finished a spreadsheet on Excel and was saving throughout the whole time. However the last save I had was too long ago and I added a lot since that save. When I go to click on the quick save button it is greyed out, and so is the save buttons under the File tab. I haven't tried updating Microsoft Office. In gmail from chrome if I compose an email and try to access a file on google drive almost every document is greyed out and not selectable . (Some jpeg files. *doc are selectable but all the google docs are not) It is possible to save the document as a word doc and download it to the download folder and then attach the file but it can not be. Iphone 11 with latest IOS and latest Google Earth version. I have tried to open kmz or kml files in 2 different ways (that used to work): 1: Open Google Earth, My Places, Import file. Not matter where to file is placed (on iphone or iCloud) the files are greyed out. 2: Open an email with a kmz or kml file attached

Report Inappropriate Content. 09-23-2019 02:34 PM. Yes on iOS. With iOS 13 you can download files with Safari. In the Settings App on the iPhone you can specify a location to where downloads are saved. You will notice from the screenshot below the Dropbox provider is greyd out If you are using any iPhone model, you can save files to the cloud when connected to the network. With iCloud, you can also restore the iPhone or sync it to a different iOS device. It is an excellent way to backup data even when the iPhone is damaged or lost. While performing the iCloud backup, the option could be greyed out

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  1. Step 1: Open the Photos app and select any photo that's stored within. After that, tap the Share icon. Step 2: Select Save to Files from within the Share options. Step 3: On the list of items.
  2. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote regularly upload files to iCloud so you don't lose any changes. Other apps upload your files to iCloud only after you save them to the iCloud Drive folder. To see your saved files on a Mac, go to Finder > iCloud Drive. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to the Files app
  3. It may be a file association issue. Edit - I just tried this and the file opened in preview mode on my iphone (where i do not have Numbers installed). Not sure what the issue could be. You might try turning off icloud drive on your ipad and turning it back on to see if that corrects the issue. Last edited: Aug 2, 2020
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Save Different iPhone Files: Up to 18 different types of iPhone files can be transferred to the computer. Save Selectively: It helps you to select a particular file to transfer. Third Party Apps: Third party instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, etc. can be saved. Efficient and Reliable:It is not only efficient but also very reliable Step 1: Connect iPhone to PC, install and launch EaseUS MobiSaver on your PC. Choose recovery mode - Recover from iOS Device and click Scan. Step 2: Scan iPhone and find all existing and lost data. EaseUS Mobisaver will automatically scan the iPhone and find present data and even some lost data for you. Step 3: Restore and save found iPhone. Because the greyed-out switch is unresponsive to your touches, the torch is no longer accessible. In truth, you are not the only one who has encountered the problem with the iPhone flashlight greyed out. We've compiled a list of practical solutions for the iPhone flashlight greyed-out issue. To correct it, just follow the instructions below

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  1. al on Mac for help. Follow the two phrases provided on this page, you will effectively fix folders and files greyed out issue on Mac with ease
  2. Thank for reply! My versión is Reader DC 2015.017.20050 for windows. This problem is happenig with all pdf files. When I open the file I don't have any problem, and when I want to save it, I realize the save icon is grayed out and the save as option is not working, is not grayed out, but when I want to use save as, it opens a new dialog window wich keeps hunging on and never finsih to.
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  4. Here's how to create a PDF of a webpage in iOS 11, save it in Files app, rename it and delete it. For example, I'm using an article from The Mac Observer. A Mac Observer article in iOS 11 Safari

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My old iphone 7 had this greyed out ID problem but resolved when I toggled off restrictions. However, the new on which I restored from a back up of the iphone 7 on my computer has the greyed out Apple ID,icloud, itunes etc in setting. I tried all the suggestions above, except for signing out of my apple ID because I couldn't There's a special folder where iOS and iPadOS store downloads, and you can find it via the Files app. First, locate the Files app on your iPhone or iPad. The quickest way to do this is with Spotlight Search. Swipe one finger downward from the middle of the Home screen, and then type Files.. Tap Files in the search results The Files app is a great way to connect to online services, network servers, and external drives. Here's how to access, view, and manage files in iOS and iPadOS

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Whenever I go to download a file, the 'do this automatically for files like this from now on' box is greyed out. I have scoured the internet looking for a solution and just about every one of them is either severely outdated or does not fix my problem. I have reset my Firefox more than I can count and yet it does not seem to fix my problem MsPhy Posts: 5,054 Member. July 2014 edited July 2014. My suggestion is to put the saved game folder on the desktop, then start the game and let it generate a new one. Exit game and try adding your saved games back in one at a time, or a few at a time, then starting the game to see if they're still grey

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Zip files—that is, single-file bundles that contain multiple items—are incredibly useful tools. On my Mac, I use zip files for all sorts of tasks: shrinking document sizes, transferring data from one place to another, and collecting various files together into a single bundle. On the iPhone and iPad, zip files are a bit less convenient, due to iOS's lack of central file system when I add some local files the artist name and album name are greyed out. They are not protected files (I checked DRM). They play on the PC from local files or a playlist, but when I add them to a playlist and make them available offline, they do not sync with my iphone playlists. They appear in.. I only have Places or Onedrive and iPhone and lastly to add a service when in turn only offers onedrive and sharepoint so there's no option to save to iCloud. I created a new document in Pages with just two words and saved it to iCloud and although Word can see the file in the folder on iCloud it seems greyed out and won't open

One such action I have is Save to Dropbox, but this is only available until I select more than one photo. Beyond that, I can click Save to Files and one of the options is Dropbox; however, it's grayed out/disabled -- regardless of whether one photo or multiple photos are selected before clicking Save to Files Save PDFs to the Files app to use Markup. Boost Your iPhone and iPad Productivity. There are a lot of ways you can use your technology to be more productive at work. Learning to open Word and PDF files from your iPhone or iPad is the tip of the iceberg. Go deeper with these productivity apps for iOS or iPadOS The stock iOS Voice Memos app provides a simple way to record audio directly to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Recordings are saved with the file extension .m4a. While voice memo recordings are typically synced and accessed using iTunes, they can be copied directly from a jailbroken iOS device using iFile or SSH. Voice memo files are stored in the following iOS directory On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage. Here you will get a breakdown of the storage space used on your iPhone by various installed apps, the OS itself, and more. You should also see the space occupied by 'Other' data here. As per Apple, the 'Other' data is occupied by the following files

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All iPhone and iPad users can add folders to favorites by using a simple tap trick: Open the Files app in iOS if you have not done so already. Locate the folder you want to add to the Favorites list. Tap and hold on the folder and choose Favorite when the black menu appears on screen. Repeat with other folders to favorite as necessary We are also experiencing the same issue with the grayed out Save button. Couple of points: (1) As a workaround, for those people who deal with .PDF documents received via emails (i.e. from scanner etc.), right-clicking and saving the .PDF attachment from the mail client (Outlook in our case) appears to be a solution (for users who don't need to see the contents of the .PDF file before saving. When you are done, tap Keep Scan. You will be brought back to the main scan screen and can then scan more documents, or save. Troubleshooting. If you are having trouble getting the menu option to appear, or the option to scan with your iPhone seems to be greyed-out, try again (either by going to the top menu bar or by Control-clicking inside the document or window.

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Step 2 : Choose backup to text files, and choose a proper backup path. Then backup them to PC. All the contacts you choose will be saved as a xml file on the backup folder. Tips: 1. if Syncios failed to load your contacts, please make sure you have disabled Contacts option in iCloud on your iPhone. 2 Press the Send a copy drop-down menu to send a copy of the file. Once you invite the other person to share the file that file will automatically appear in the Shared (on Mac or iOS) or Shared with Me (Android) list. For more information about this see See files others have shared with you. Manage sharin Step 2: Click on the download icon in the toolbar (refer to the picture below), select a location on your PC to save the video file, type a name of the video file and then click the Save button. NOTE: If the WhatsApp download video icon is greyed out, it is likely because the video is not downloaded or your PC is not connected to the internet iCloud Backup option greyed out on iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Pro. the software also restore data selectively from the backed-up file to any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Click on the folder icon just located under the file types to change the destination path to save backup files

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Sometimes you will find the iTunes Sync button greyed out or part of iTunes music library cannot be checked, or Add to device option greyed out so you can't transfer music to iPhone. The causes will be explained in the next section, follow this passage to know the issue and easily fix it Problems or issues with the song files on your computer are often the main reason why songs get greyed out. If you had moved a song file/folder or deleted it just before sync and that has in turn not been effected in iTunes (sync still goes on), then that is going to cause greyed out songs

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To find the lost files due to grayed out quickly, try to filter the file types and file extension in the left side, and preview the files on the right side. When find the target files, select them and click Recover to save them on your Mac 3 Steps to Clear Other Data from iPhone. Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro. Step 2. Hit Quick Scan button and when it finishes, it will show you how much storage can be cleaned on your iPhone. Step 3. Tab Clean beside Junk Files to start the cleaning process It is only possible to copy and paste or export and import user-created folders one level deep. Sometimes, you may want to transfer a folder with more folder buttons inside of it. When you open this folder after transferring it, the folder buttons inside it will appear grayed out. They will not respond when tapped. In Edit Mode, you will see a jagged line through these broken folder buttons

Works well for all iPhone models and computers. Here are the steps to add music from iTunes to iPhone via AnyTrans: Step 1. Download AnyTrans, install and open it > Plug in your iPhone > Choose iTunes Library > Click Music > Select the songs you want to add to iPhone > Click Send to Device to start This will permit you to adjust the email account lock so that you can add, delete or modify the email accounts on your iPhone as needed. Allow Email Accounts to Be Edited, Added, or Deleted on an iPhone. The steps in this article were written using an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 8.4. These steps will also work for other devices using iOS 8 or higher Document default locations in iOS 11. In iOS 11, there are a few kinds of storage location. First, there's local (stored only on the iPad or iPhone) vs. cloud storage (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.)

With the audio for the video disabled, the speaker icon will change to a grayed-out speaker icon with a diagonal strike mark through it. Tap Done to save your changes to the video. Once the audio is disabled on a particular video, you will see a grayed-out speaker icon on the toolbar in Photos when you are examining the video However, if this option is greyed-out then you are not going to be able to restore from a previous version that doesn't have a virus. Reset all content and settings. If none of the previous steps work, and you are still experiencing issues, you can try to erase all content on your iPhone. To do this, go to Settings, then General

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  1. Connect your iOS device via USB to iTunes on a Mac or PC. Authorize the device if prompted. Select the device in iTunes, and then click the Photos item in the Settings navigation bar. Check the.
  2. I can see the updated versions when I search Finder for the file names but the updated versions are grayed out and when I try to open any one of them I get this message: Alert. Excel cannot open the file '1#2021 Value Track.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid
  3. or changes and Save As the photos to the same destination path, overwriting the original greyed out photo. Most of the time this solution has helped many users to fix pictures half or full greyed out issue as it writes the missing data in the photo file, which might be missing in the original photo
  4. Then find the greyed out iTunes songs in iTunes library. 2. Right click on the greyed out song and click on Create AAC version. Then an AAC version of the song will be created. 3. Delete the original grayed out songs. After you make AAC copies of all the grayed out songs, you simply need to sync iPhone with iTunes library
  5. The phone in question is an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2. The problem appeared randomly and not after an update or reset. Step 1: Restart your iPhone. Step 2: Open the Camera app and take a photo. Step 3: From inside the camera app, tap the thumbnail of the photo you just took to view it. Step 4: Tap the Share button at the bottom and send the.
  6. It will install an iOS image (.ipsw) file > change the file type to iPhone/iPad Carrier Configuration File (.ipcc). Choose the file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. 4. Reset Network Settings on iPhone to fix iPhone 11 WiFi Button not working. Tap on the Settings icon from the home screen

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  1. Run PhoneRescue for iOS on PC/Mac > Connect your iPhone to it > Choose Recover from iOS Device > Click right arrow. How to Fix iPhone Contacts Disappeared without Backups - Step 1. Step 2. At the popping-up page, select Contacts > Click OK button. How to Fix iPhone Contacts Disappeared without Backups - Step 2
  2. Gaia GPS has a file limit of 15 MB. Files over 15 MB should be split up into several files so that they can import into Gaia GPS. Larger files may take longer to import; If you have both a GPX and KML with the same data, we recommend using the GPX file, as many KML files lack speed/time data contained in the GPX
  3. Connect the iPhone to the computer as usual with USB and launch iTunes or Finder, selecting the iPhone as necessary; Locate and select the ringtone file in the file system (Mac or Windows), it should have an .m4r file extension, then choose to Copy it (either by Command+C, right-click, or by going to the Edit menu and choosing Copy

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1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes on Windows/ Mac computer. 2. Click your device icon at the top-left side in iTunes. 3. Uncheck the Encrypt iPhone backup option under Backups. 4. While a dialog asks the backup password you previously set, enter it to successfully uncheck Encrypt iPhone backup Step 1: Download and install Ringtones to iPhone Transfer and connect iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. Step 2: Click Music in the left > Select Ringtones in the right > Choose Add file from PC > Tick wanted music from the list > Click Select to add music to this program. This is how to put ringtones on iPhone Tapping on this allows you to access the files inside apps on your iPad. Some files that you can see here will be greyed out since they are not compatible with GarageBand. For instance, the files in my Keynote app folder are greyed out because they are not audio, MIDI or GarageBand files and therefore not compatible with GarageBand 7. The WhatsApp messages are backed-up at the PC location of your choice in html files . Photos will be stored in a separate folder. Double click on the file to open the message on the PC . 8. You can now read through and interact with each WhatsApp conversation that you backed up off the iPhone directly from your computer 3. Expand File System key to right-hand window, and look for the key named NtfsDisableEncryption. Double click on it, and set its value to 0. 4. Click OK to save the settings. Go back to the folder which you want to encrypt and click Properties\Advanced\Advance Attribute option. The option of encryption will no longer be grayed out

In this article, we will see why auto-lock on iPhone not working or the never option is missing on iOS 12 and iOS 13. Follow the steps below to find why auto lock is greyed out and how to fix it on iPhone. Auto Lock being greyed out on iPhone is due to Low Power Mode being activated When an app is offloaded, its icon will be greyed out on your app screen (or it will have a cloud icon next to its name). If you tap the icon, the app will reinstall, and you can use it as if it had always been there. Smart, right? Part 5: Backup Files iPhone. This article wouldn't be complete without mentioning backing up your iPhone data This bug may also lead to the greyed-out speaker icon. Click the link below to check Quick fixes for iPhone stuck in Headphone Mode. Solution 3. Restart iPhone. Restarting the iPhone sometimes can help solve the small problems on the phone: after the reboot, some bugs might disappear automatically. This method is helpful more than you think Click Provisioning Profiles. In the Certificates section click Production. Click the Add (+) button at the top-right of the main panel. Now, choose App Store and Ad Hoc. Click Continue. Click Choose File & find CSR file you've made from your hard drive. Click Generate. Click Download to get the file

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Wait until the program loads your data on every tab. In the main program window, click on the Calendar button on the left, then click Import calendars. A new window will open. Click on Outlook (direct import from Outlook). Now select the Outlook calendar you wish to sync with your iPhone and click OK. If prompted by Outlook, grant. If so, you can pause the update, or simply wait to see if it completes. You may need to connect to Wi-Fi to get that done faster. If it is stuck, you can always try restarting your device. Its in Settings, Then the top section with your name on, then iCloud, then under the iCloud backup option (which is on). Its the iCloud Drive button Click File > Save As, and select the location where you want to save the file. In Excel 2007 only, click the Microsoft Office Button , point to the arrow next to Save As, and then click Other Formats. In the File name box, type a name for the XML data file. In the Save as type list, click XML Data, and click Save Go to ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Carrier Support/ and make a copy of the ATT_US.ipcc file. Work only with this copy. Work only with this copy. In the Finder, add a .zip extension to the name of the file

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Launch the Files app on iPhone or iPad. Select iCloud Drive in the Browse tab. Long-press on the folder you wish to share. Tap on Share from the pop-up menu. Tap on Add People. You can also tap on Share Options to edit the access and permission of the folder. Now go back, and select the Sharing Option as per your preferences Method 1: Using AppValley. AppValley offers tons of free apps and games, including iTransmission: Download AppValley onto your iPhone or iPad from the following URL - appvalleyapp.com. Tap the app icon to open it and search for iTransmission. Download it to your device and enjoy easy downloads of all your favorite torrent files NOTE: You will need to choose CSV file as your format before choosing a location to save the file, as some formats cannot be saved into all folders. 6) Click the blue Export button. 7) A window will appear prompting you to confirm that you would like to export your data to a CSV. Click the Yes button on this window

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Expand File System key to the right-hand window, and look for the key named NtfsDisableEncryption. Double click on it, and set its value to 0. Click OK to save the settings. Go back to the folder which you want to encrypt and click the Properties\Advanced\Advance Attribute option. The option of encryption will no longer be greyed out Solution 5: Fix iTunes songs greyed out on iDevice. If you found that iTunes songs greyed out problem on your iPhone or iPad, then you can remove the greyed out songs from your iDevice and then re-sync them with iTunes. Step 1. Go to the Settings application on your iPhone and then open the General settings How to fix Encrypt contents to secure data bring grayed out using CMD. Press the Windows Key + X key combination then select Command Prompt (Admin). Enter the following command into cmd and hit Enter: fsutil behavior set disableencryption 0. Restart your PC to save the changes. After the system has been rebooted, the encryption option in the. Can't save file in Spyder using Anaconda on Windows. 0. I'm guessing this has something to do with a windows update (can't figure out what else might have caused it). I am suddenly not able to save a file, Save and Save all is now grayed out (See picture bellow) and CTRL+S doesn't work anymore. I am however able to use Save as to over. In an Office for the iPad application, tap the Office button. Locate the file you want to move. To do so, tap Recent or Open and navigate in the Office window until you see the name of the file you want to move. Tap the Share icon next to the file's name. A drop‐down menu appears. Choose Move to Cloud