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Welcome to our Maine-Coon Cattery website. Our cattery is called Faydark. Cattery is situated in Kharkov city (Ukraine), registered in the international felinological system FIFE (Winner Cat club, Kharkov). We are professionally engaged in breeding maine-coon cats since 2016 Mambo Coon´s Keanu. FI*Keenukollin is registered in Fife. Our cats live all over our home, with us, as equal familymembers. Our aim for Maine Coon breeding is healthy cats with good characters and Maine Coon looks. Our breeding cats are tested for: FeLV-, FIV- , bloodgroup and dna genetics. HCM MyBPC3/A31P The FIFE Maine Coon Breed can be considered as the United Nations of Cat Federations. In fact, it is a federation of national members representing, at present, 40 countries with 42 full members and 3 countries with a probational member, but whose numbers continue to grow MAINE COON BREEDERS ! Pink paw = breeder has a homepage ! Lilac paw = breeder has E-mail address ! Red paw = Pictures or other information about the cattery ! Maine coon club (Italy) - Anfi/FIFe Colours: All colors: Paulrobert's: Roberto Ugolotti Reggio Emilia 39 0522 283973 39 3388257779: Anfi, FIFe FIFe World Winners Maine Coons. 790 likes. An ongoing project of collecting the FIFe World Winners of the Maine Coon breed. Please add correction, information and photos in the yearly albums. Both..

About. We are a very small, very high quality Maine Coon Cat in-home breeder located in Central Pennsylvania. All of our cats and kittens are registered with either. The International Cat Association ( TICA) or the Cat Fanciers Association ( CFA) sometimes both and now American Cat Fanciers Association ( ACFA) too Maine Coon Breeders. The Executive Office can be reached via telephone during regular business hours. Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Staff is working diligently to process tickets received during the week of March 20th The Maine Coon Standard in FIFe The Maine Coon is a natural breed of amiable character that traces its origins to the working cats found on the farms of Northeast America. It should be clear as to why this sentence about the standard is quoted here: it attempts to establish a relationship between th

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  1. ar BREEDERS IN SCOTLAND. Breeder: Prefix : Mrs S Slade ABERDEENSHIRE Tel: 01466 780245 E-mail: brilthor@hotmail.com Web site: www.brilthor.com.
  2. If you are looking for Maine Coon cat breeders in the United States, take a look at my list below, of Maine Coon cat breeders by individual US state. These details are sourced from respected Maine Coon bodies, such as TICA , CFA , MCBFA , FIFe , and are correct as of 16th December 2019
  3. FIFE Registered Maine Coon Kittens. 346 miles | Waltham Forest. Parents are European and Russian import cats.HCM,SMA,PKDef tested (clear).Kittens born 02/02/21 3 boys (black smokey with white),2 girls ( blue tortie and blue silver ).One black girl option for as.Kittens... Read more >>
  4. ary recognised breeds, in printed form from the FIFe Shop. Chapter Titl
  5. Darkwood Maine Coon Cattery is a small home cattery located in Europa, Rijeka, Croatia. Our cattery is registered with FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline) from 22.02.2013. Our goal is to breed healthy Maine Coons so our breeding cats are regularly vaccinated and tested for DNA test, ultrasound and radiographs tests

Maine Coon Kittens All Reserved! Perth, Perthshire (19.3 Miles from Bow of Fife) We have left 4 beautiful pure breed Maine Coon kittens available. Kittens are healthy, litter trained and eating wet/dry high quality and nutritious food. Kittens living in friendly environment with kids Dirigo is an internationally published author of articles about the Maine Coon Cat and photographer of Maine Coon Cat pictures of the Maine Coon breed, is a historian of MCC legends and tall tails, and is a breeder member and a founder of the Native Maine Coon Cat Association. Native Maine Coon Cat Association (NMCCA) Breeder Member. Our Association, the Native Maine Coon Cat Association.


All cats shown at exhibtions arranged after FIFes rules, are judged by the FIFe breed standard for Maine Coons described beneath. General appearance: The breed is large framed with a square outline of the head, large ears, broad chest, solid bone structure, a long, hard muscled, rectangular body and a long flowing tail Maine Coon Cats for Sale Maine Coon Kittens for Sale Maine Coon Cats for Adoption Maine Coon Kittens for Adoption Maine Coon long-haired cat cats kitten kittens Buyer's Advice Have you seen an ad with a phone number or email in the photo? If so please do not contact the advertiser and instead, report this to Freeads using the report ad option The first mention of Maine Coon cats in a literary work was in 1861, in Frances Simpson's The Book of the Cat (1903). F.R. Pierce, who owned several Maine Coons, wrote a chapter about the breed. During the late 1860s, farmers located in Maine told stories about their cats and held the Maine State Champion Coon Cat contest at the local Skowhegan Fair The New Unified Standard was developed by the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association, The Maine Coon Cat Society, and the International Maine Coon Cat society, all of whom have agreed to promote only this standard. - Rod Ljostad FIFe Maine Coon Standard (13 MC) 1983 to 1992. This first standard, called 13MC was created in 1983. Maine Coons can are registered with CFA, ACFA, FIFe, and TICA. Although initially bred for valuable hunting skills, today's breed is a slow-paced hunter that is more likely to lick and cuddle your mouse than hunt it. The Maine Coon has a notable gentle disposition, loves to cuddle, loves every

Kittens - born 6-9pm 25-May-21 are 3/4 Maine coon:1. Red - Female - Black, Grey and brown tones around the face - broad stripped pattern to fur2. Blue - Male - Black, grey and brown tones around the face - fine stripped patterning that goes all the way through body and tail.3. Magenta - Male - Black, grey & brown nose area with broad stripped pattern4. Grey - Male - Full grey tones with light. Our Hall of Fame Formal evaluation of the work (evaluation by FIFE) of our Maine Coon cattery Lordcoon*LT in the years 2011-2013 and our most famous cats-graduates. According to the Lithuanian TOP CAT and Best Lithuanian Cattery competitive score calculation and summary of results, our cattery, among Lithuanian different breeds of cat catteries (over 340 catteries registered by FIFe in.

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  1. B onneamie is a Maine Coon cattery owned by Johanna Uuranto. We are located in Rajamäki, 40 kilometres north of Helsinki, capital of Finland. Our family consists of my fiance - Samu, Maine Coons and myself. Bonneamie cattery is registered in CFA, TICA and Fife. I have been showing my cats in FIFE since 1995, CFA since 2004 and TICA since 2010
  2. MaineVanity Maine Coon ANFI/Fife. 705 likes. Pet Breeder
  3. Maine Coon Cat Breeder in Wisconsin : Take a walk on the wild side with FIFE Euro Champion Velvet Jewels Legolas: v Exclusively Maine Coons ~ Raised with Love for Pet or Show v Updated: Saturday, May 14, 2016. You are visitor number.
  4. Our passion is breeding and showing quality, healthy Maine Coons, and lovingly rearing Maine Coon kittens from proven show cats of excellent type and temperament. We are registered under the 'Janeissa' Prefix with FIFe (Felis Britannica), TICA and the GCCF
  5. Waterproofs Maine Coon Cats. 571 likes · 1 talking about this. Kleine aber feine FIFE registrierte Maine Coon Katzenzucht in der Nähe vom Bodensee im Dreiländereck: Schweiz, Deutschland, Österreich
  6. Silver e Smoke Maine Coon dal 2004. allevamento amatoriale riconosciuto FIFE, ANFI e TICA. 0. 1. 2. GALLERY. le foto delle nostre gioie silver
  7. Hello and Welcome to EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery! We are a premier European Maine Coon Breeder located in Kansas, USA, We specialize in raising high-end LARGE European Maine Coon cats and kittens with the latest advancements in breed's look and we pride ourselves in offering kittens with the widest range of genetic health testing and XXL size. Our kittens are raised in our home and are loving.

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  1. We are small hobby breeders from Epping, Essex, United Kingdom just outside of London. We have a small cattery with 7 Maine Coon cats which all of them are part of our family. We love them and we spoil them a lot. Our main goal is to breed great type, healthy and loving kittens. We occasionally show too
  2. MAINE COON CATS - Greenjack. Greenjack is a TICA registered cattery near Raleigh, in Apex NC. e.greenjack@gmail.com . Tallulah Fox, a patched classic tabby (torbie) born 2/22/21. Kittens are priced individually and range from $1500 - 2400 pet only
  3. TipTop has been breeding Maine Coons since 1995 in FIFE and CFA The TipTop since 1998. TipTop cattery emphasizes health, sufficient genetic variation, character and size in its breeding. Cats we use for breeding have the following tests done: MyPBC3-gene test 1. and 2. plus ultrasound (hereditary heart condition) PKD (kidneys) HD (hips
  4. We are Hobby breeders and also love showing our beautiful Maine Coons, We are Registered breeders and Licensed Breeders (AW065) of these beautiful intelligent lovable cats with FIFE(Kizzacoonz)& TICA(Kizzacoons). Kizzacoon Mainecoons An award Winning Cattery in the Heart of Rural England
  5. Mariama ® Maine Coons is a breeder of Registered and Certified Maine Coon kittens in Ontario, Canada with over 30 years of experience with purebred cats and dogs. We are triple registered in Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), The International Cat Association (TICA), and The Canadian Cat Association (CCA) (in good standing since 2006 )
  6. Character. Azula is a well-balanced, majestic Maine Coon female with a calm character. She is playful, curious and very sweet. Azula likes to stay informed of what is going on in the house and is therefore always interested to look at what you are doing
  7. The national Maine Coon Clubs from Denmark, Finland and Italy voted with the Breed Council, the Dutch were divided: one club had submitted an opposing application for full recognition, the other - already due to the eternal competition between the two Dutch FIFe members (there is traditionally only one national FIFe member association per.

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Lithuania: Rasmoon Baltic Lynx Baltic Wind Lagotto OKEANAS elite Other countries: Relaxing Tigers (D) Fribanikos (DK) Timaracoon (NL) Boromir (DK) Des grives au loup (France) The Summer Rose (D) Selena (LV) Topmainecoon DarkAge (PL) Maine Coon breeders | Meino Meškėnai | Okeanas elite Maine Coons FIFe | LINK Maine Coon Kitten Cost. The average cost of a Maine Coon kitten is between $800 and $2000, depending on quality, age, and whether they're certified by a vet. This cost might seem high, but Maine Coons are not like any regular house cat, and for many owners they are well worth the price. Also, compared to many other cat breeds, Maine Coons are.

2020 Maine Coon Cat Club Breeders List All the breeders on this list have agreed to abide by the GCCF Code of Ethics for Breeders & Owners. A copy of this document can be obtained from: GCCF Office, 5 King's Castle Business Park, The Drove, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4AG, UK, Tel +44 (0)0178 427 575. Maine Coon Breeders near me (2021 update) Whether you are searching for Maine Coon breeders in the US, the UK, or elsewhere in the world, we explain how to find the best. If you're interested in purchasing a purebred Maine Coon kitten, it is important to find a Maine Coon cat breeder you can trust. Unfortunately, there are many scammers. In any case you will find the colour of a cat in the pawpeds-Maine Coon-database, on the pedigrees of FIFé and other associations and clubs and on many breeders websites almost always written in EMS-code, as popular, known and easy to remember as it is - here are two excerpts from a FIFe pedigree and the Pawpeds database ACF STANDARDS Maine Coon Page 1 Effective 1 January 2018 MAINE COON [MCO] (Standard Source: FIFe 1987) General The overall impression of the Maine Coon is a large framed cat with large ears, broad chest, solid bone structure, a long, hard muscled, rectangular body and a long flowing tail. Good muscle ton Mohikaatz are pleased to offer our litter of beautiful Maine Coon Kittens.They will be registered with FIFe and are being raised with their Mum in our home with the rest of the Mohikaatz. They will be offered as Pets Only (Not For Breeding) to suitable homes, and Deposits will only be taken once you have viewed the kittens and satisfied our.

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CannonCoonies, Kent, Kent, United Kingdom. 904 likes · 3 talking about this. Fife registered, Breeder & Exhibitor of the very beautiful maine coon cat please enjoy our wonderful pictures and videos Full Advert Details. Our beautiful imported mum gave us 7 beautiful kittens 1 boy and are 2 girls —all with silver markings ,still available .Their dad is also imported and he is red silver tabby . Both parents are registered as active with Tica vet checked and tested.Both parents pedigrees are full of international champions THE MAINE COON The Maine Coon is a natural breed of amiable character that traces its origin to the working cat found on the farms of Northeast America. General: Appearance: The breed is large framed with a square outline of the head, large ears, broad chest, solid bone structure, a long, hard muscled, rectangular body and [ These papers guarantee a cat's purebred status, and is the only way to really know that your Maine Coon is really a Maine Coon. Pedigree papers are provided and guaranteed by any one of the various cat registries, which a breeder will usually associate with and register the kitten with once they are born Kittens Main coon x. Stewarton, East Ayrshire. 4 kittens for sale 3 girls and 1 boy Dad is Main coon X Mom is black domestic cat. (very smart) 1st girl with pink collar is 350f ( now reserved) 2nd girl with grey collar is 200f (now reserved) 3rd girl with red collar is 350f (now reserved) Boy

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The Maine coon should always be in good balance, condition, and proportion. Remarks: Type must always take preference over color very slow maturing of the breed should be taken into account mature males may have larger and broader heads than females females are proportionally smaller than males FIFe has gone in the opposite direction and recently (Jan 2014) banned breeding and registering polydactyl Maine coon cats all together. The genetics of polydactyly in cats In the years before genetics started to expand as a research field, research on polydactyly had already gone on for >100 years with publications on polydactyly dated back. Welcome to Pets4You, the premier source of the finest Maine Coon breeders for over 25 years. We want to be your connection to reputable breeders so that you can find your perfect Maine Coon kitten. Most of our talented and trusted cat breeders have been with us for a decade and more

Ragdoll kittens. Glenrothes, Fife. Beautiful ragdoll kittens born the 23rd of June will be ready to leave for their forever homes on the 1st of September, they will come with food, toys and blanket, fully litter trained 4 weeks free insurance and vet checked, £150 non refundable depos. Age. Age: 2 weeks Zack color ns22 date of birth 04/28/2021 For connoisseurs of the Maine Coon breed, Katrins Tails cattery offers kittens. We have boys and girls. Kittens for apartment maintenance. Parents are Inter champions FiFe. By the time of moving Vaccinated two times, Chip More about Fife's ems codes: Maine Coon - Ems koder. Colors and patterns left out: w - white 11 - shaded 12 - shell 24 - spotted tabby 25 - ticked tabby 01 = Van 02 = Harlequin 03 = Bicolor 09 = Unspecified amount of white . Dillution: To have kittens in dilluted colors (creme, blue), both parents need to be carrier of dillution. The calculator. FIFE Registered Maine Coon Kittens in Waltham Forest £1,300 . moduss . Posting for 1+ year. Waltham Forest, London. £1,300 . Parents are European and Russian import cats.HCM,SMA,PKDef tested (clear).Kittens born 02/02/21 3 boys (black smokey with white),2 girls ( blue tortie and blue silver ).One black girl option for as.Kittens vaccinated. Maine Coon Cat breeders websites, Excellent resource for all kitten and cat lovers. Cat Breeders Directory. Search for a cattery by breed, location, breeder name, cattery name or it's combination, maine coon cats, kittens, maine coons, pedigreed cats, maine coon kittens, kittens for sale, cats, breeders. FIFE SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION AND.

Codes used in PawPeds for Cat Breeds and Colours. The breed and colour system we use is based on FIFe's Easy Mind System. The codes have however been slightly modified, since the codes partly depend on what breeds and colours a cat organisation has accepted Find Maine Coons for Sale in Seattle on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find kittens for adoption, cat and kitten listings, and other pets adoption. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood Maine Coon cats developed into sturdy, working cats suited to the harsh winters and varied seasons of the Northeast region. The Maine Coon Cat of today is known for a sturdy, rugged appearance, which includes an uneven, shaggy coat of three distinct lengths and a long, well furnished tail. They carry that tail proudly and use it to surround. The first Maine Coon standard; FIFe; TICA; CFA; WCF (WesterosCat Maine Coon, 2017). The First Maine Coon standard: It is the first MCBFA standard assigned for the Maine Coons. General: These are identified as the stable, sturdy and healthy cats. And It's the most natural and oldest breed of U.S till now. It's being observed as kind of large type kind cat I began my second challenge to illustrate standard. It is Maine Coon standard of FIFe and it is on progress. Anyone who likes my work could share my posting without elimination of Finience logo. I would like to call my work as Finience illustration of Standard (a.k.a. FIOS). If anyone would like to upload 'FIOS' on their own cattery website, it would be highly appreciated to inform me by.

maine coon color calculator. Choose color and pattern of the male and female, and find out possible color combinations of their kittens. 22 - classic tabby 23 - macharel tabby. You will see below that a table showing the mating of a tortie female to a red male and how to work out the results. The FIFe's Easy Mind System (EMS) uses a combination. The cats they carried on their ships most likely left the ship either permanently or just for a little shore leave, bred with the existing native cats, and ultimately created a breed of their own. The show career for the Maine Coon cat began in New York in 1895 when the best cat award was given to a tabby Maine Coon named Leo Absolutely beautiful, happy, intelligent Maine Coon kittens with super soft coat and quality look. Kittens are very playful, energetic with fantastic temperament, very friendly and loves cuddles, and to be brushed. Kittens been raised by hobby breeders in a friendly home environment. Maine Coon cats eat a lot and are very expensive to keep

Je vais vendre Maine coon en ville de Saint-Pétersbourg, Fédération de Russie. 628€. Zack couleur ns22 date de naissance 28042021 Pour les connaisseurs de la race Maine Coon la chatterie Katrins Tails propose des chatons. Nous avons des garons et des filles. Chatons pour lentretien. fr.petglobals.co Sharmani Maine Coon cattery had without a doubt set standards for ensuring an environment both nurturing and stimulating, while providing the highest quality in nutrition for cats and kittens alike. We are Teena and Greg Staples, CCA registered as Minoos Maine Coons in Canada, registered breeders with FIFe in Europe and TICA in the United. Welcome to Naughtycoons, we are a small and serious Maine Coon cattery in Odense Denmark. Our cats are loved members of the family first, breeding is an added joy. Our goal is to maintain the natural look and size of the Maine Coon while ensuring loving and affectionate temperaments Maine-coon cattery Faydark. Kharkov, Ukraine. Registration in FIFE system in 2016. Owner of cattery Felinologist Instructor — Ivanovska Svitlana. Phone: +38 (066) 442-06-80 (Viber), Email: info@faydark-coon.co

Our cattery is registered in the FIFE. Cattery owner is Popova Elena , Moscow, Russia. Welcome to our site! If you wish to get acquainted with us more or have other questions, we will have pleasure answering to you by e-mail popova.elena@mail.ru or telephone + 7 925 5076316. Hope that you will enjoy with our wonderful Maine Coons Home ==> Breeds ==> Maine Coon ==> Cat Breeders ==> Finland Get A Deluxe Listing! Upgrade your free listing for only $30/year. For more information or to sign up, visit our Get Listed page. *To get a box around your free listing, become a Link Partner! Bonneamie Maine Coon Cattery - CFA, TICA & FIFE [ A Maine Coon cattery Duch Nocy was on systems WCF, TICA and FIFE, the work of the nursery started in 2005. The main goal of our cattery is breeding healthy, big and very big, contact, affectionate, relevant standard of the breed animals. Our cattery is closed- It means that we don't take mating cats from other catteries

Our 'Cats With Attitude' have taken over a charming cottage in North Devon. View the Picture Gallery, measure size, and find lots of Maine Coon info and Visit Felid Britannica. David Brinicomb Kittens will leave our house not before the 12th week of life with pedigree ANFI/FIFE, warranty contract, microchip, transfer and kitten kit. Excellent feeding for kittens and adults is a prerogative of our cattery, thus we choose natural, biological and with high protein content products to fulfil their needs and preserve their health About Coon's Ransom. The name Coon's Ransom came from combining the breed of cat, Maine Coon, with my last name. Ransom. My cattery started after I adopted my first Maine Coon Griffin, from the breeder Wild West Exotics in California. I fell in love with Griffin and the breed at first sight. He was such a joy to have in my life Michelle Hauswirth760-685-7448760-593-8211. Founded by Dianna Davis, These Maine Coon cats and kittens are raised in a loving healthy environment. <><. When a loving clean environment exists, many created health problems are totally absent. High Silver kittens are raised under foot, with playful dispositions. High Silver Maine Coon Kittens are In the game Final Fantasy X, Yuna is a brave Summoner who can use healing magic. She learns the mystical art of summoning mighty magical entities called eons - powerful spirits of yore. In the game, Yuna decides to undertake the Summoner's Pilgrimage to become a High Summoner herself. She wants to defeat Sin, a monstrous creature who.

FIFe Maine Coon Standard; Contact; Our blue Maine Coon kittens in the litter J. 2017-04-25 2017-04-25 Csákiné Hegedűs Rita Egyéb @en. Blue is the Beauty - if you dont give up, your dream will come true. Arrivel our blue kittens made us so happy d.o.b. 21-Feb-2012 sire: FRIBANIKOS Boomer dam: BOROMIR Fresh Black Devil black male Bandit black tabby male Bad Boy black tabby male Banderas black tabby male Bianca black tabby female Blue Angel blue tabby female More parents photo: Maine Coon | Meino Meškėnai kačiukai | Okeanas elite kittens | Litter FRIBANIKOS Boomer*(DK) 04 - Mar - 2010 MCO n09 22 FIFe champion More photos Pedigree Litters: A B C Black tabby maine coon male | Meškėnas | Meino Meškėnai | Okeanas | MC Enzahin Maine Coon Cattery is a small cattery in the middle of Finland. Our goal is to breed healthy well typed and sized Maine Coons with a wonderful temperament. Breeding cats are or will be tested for HCM, SMA and HD. Cats are Felv- and FIV negatives and blood typed. Our kittens are FIFE-registered twice vaccinated wormed..

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Welcome to TICA - The International Cat Association, TICA cats, TICA pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats registry, household pet cat registry, domestic cat registry, Savannah cat, Bengal cat, Persian cat, Maine Coon ca The Board is convinced that it is important and desirable to test MCO cats on this affliction and to breed with MCO with healthy hips, but it will be impossible to test the well-over 15.000 Maine Coon cats, which are concerned in FIFe within an acceptable timeframe Ecliptic Maine Coons is a small Maine Coon cattery in Croatia registered in FIFe and a member of the SFDH. Our goal is to breed healthy Maine Coons, whose bloodlines we choose carefully. We breed typical MCO look with the special emphasis on size, robustness, muscular body and gentle temperament, which is completely contrary to their wild look The First MCBFA Standard of the Maine Coon (Transcript of a typewritten carbon copy from the archives made available by Lynne Sherer, Calicoon Cattery, archivist at the MCBFA, in January 2012) - cited from the booklet on the MCO standard from FIFe MCO Breed Council 2013

Maine Coon Breeder - Sharing our wonderful cats with those who value their pets as family members. We work very hard to maintain the standards for which Maine Coons orginally were admired for. Health, temperment and structure. Michele Cole 614-582-6478 or 614-764-0943. E-mail: mainedelite@me.com There is a maine coon breeder in my country, but doesn't exactly seem that trustworthy, they just started also and only has a pair. I would rather start out with cats that I know are top quality, and i would prefer a pair because of the lack of maine coon cats in my country. FIFe Maine Coons are slightly different in type to CFA Maine Coons White Top Pedigreed Maine Coon Kittens - $1,800 Healthy with outstanding bloodlines! Father from German World Class Champion/Supreme Champion, registered with FiFe Our black Maine Coon kittens include: Freddie, Prince Of Darkness and Hitman. Hitman - 7 Weeks Old [RESERVED] Freddie - 8 Weeks Old [RESERVED] Black and White Maine Coon. The black and white Maine Coon is usually classified as a bi-color. The distribution of white can be very small, like a white locket on the chest. It can also be in. Pedigree Maine Coon male kittens. 40 miles | Bishops Stortford. We have 4 beautiful male Maine Coon kittens FIFE registered. They have been brought up in our family home with kids and other cats. They are cuddled, kissed and handled daily- well socialized

The cost of pet cat - 750euro breed cat - 1500euro. All available kittens 12 Yrs and 8 Mths. $750. darrem. Chocen, AB 56501. Lovely Maine Coon kittens. We offer beautiful kittens with FIFe pedigree available for shows breeding as a family pets. Please visit our website and look at kittens photos... Ohiyesa Maine Coon Cats. We Have Kittens! Welcome to Ohiyesa Maine Coon Cats We have been owned by Maine Coon Cats since November of 1995. With the help and support of many wonderful friends in the cat fancy, in 1997 Kemosabe's Hiawatha became our first Grand Premier. Our first litter of kittens was born in July, 1998 Maine Coon Kittens for Sale. Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. £1,100. Home reared quality maine coon kittens male and female various colours Blue,Silver and tortie.Gccf registered vet checked and vaccinated with four weeks free... preloved.co.uk 6 beautiful Maine coon x Kittens for sale. Croydon, London. Our lovely Maine Coon/ Bengal cross gave birth to 6 beautiful very loving and playful kittens. 2 girls and 4 boys. Litter training and weaning currently, with great success. Dad is a neighbours domestic short haired. 1 silver/black kittens with wh In FIFe, breeding polydactyl cats were forbidden from 1. January 2014, a motion passed at the General Assembly in 2013. In FIFe we can not breed or show polydactyl Maine Coons. I dag er det kun noen få forbund som godtar avl på polydaktyle Maine Coon. I FIFe ble polydakyli forbudt fra 1. januar 2014, sak vedtatt på GA i 2013. I FIFe (NRR.

History The history of the Maine Coon cat is presented in many sources including the FIFe standard of the breed (Henning Mueller-Rech 2011/2012).Todays Maine Coon cats trace their origin back to long-haired working cats on farms in the Northeast America Daisy is a Female Maine Coon mix cat for adoption to a very loving home in or near Seattle, WA. This very special cat is 9 years old and weighs 13 pounds. Daisy is healthy, spayed and litter trained. She loves people and considers herself to be a lap cat. She is well-behaved and very affectionate, interactive and adorable. If you have been thinking about adopting a Maine Coon cat in Seattle. Maine Coon BENIDORM Maine Coon kittens for sale , with documents, a large selection, seals and kittens of different ages, cost and colors. Information about our cattery: Our graduates receive lifelong support from us, useful information on cultivation, care, breeding, etc. from a breeder with experience of Maine Coon breed maine coon history. The most believable story is that they originated from the union of Shorthaired Domestic Cats, Persian cats and Angora cats. The truth is, that the ancestral origin of the Maine Coon cat is unknown. What we do know for certain is that the cat is over a century old. Records show that as far back as 1860 these domestic cats. If you want to know everything about this spectacular cat, it will be essential to review the characteristics of the Maine coon cat. For this, we provide you with all the information about the standard according to the FIFE (Fédération Internationale Feline) [1]:. The Maine coon cat breed is large in size and stands out mainly for having a square head, large ears, a broad chest and a long.

Hello and Thankyou for looking at our advert!We have for sale four full Maine coon kittens, three girls and one boy.They are currently 3 weeks and 6 days old, kittens will be ready to leave at 10 weeks old!We are huge lovers of Maine coons and have them as family pets ourselves - we are not breeders. This is the most beautiful type of cat breed, it really is true when people describe them as. Maine Coon Colors and Patterns. It's not always easy to determine a Maine Coons Pattern or Colors. There is more to it than just calling brown kitten a brown classic. If you are looking for information to determine your cats color or markings we can help. Maine Coons come in a wide variety of Colors: Solid: Black; Blue; Cream; Whit The Maine Coon is a bigger breed, even if the Siberian is not a small cat. The Maine Coon: males are around 7-12 kg (15-26 lb) and females are 5-8 kg (11-18 lb). The Siberian is a medium-large cat. Males weigh between 5 and 8kg (11-17 lb) and females between 3.5 kg and 5.5 kg (8-12 lb) £1,300 We have 4 beautiful male Maine Coon kittens FIFE registered. They have been brought up in our family home with kids and other cats. They are cuddled, kissed and handled daily- well socialized. Used to usual household noises like hoover, hairdryer etc. Very friendly, extremaly affectionate and playful kittens, spoilt by my kids :) The Mum can be seen with all her registered paperwork. Maine Coon breed is considered the biggest of the domestic cats in the world. The biggest known Main Coon was a male called Stewie, which was accepted in 2010 in the Guinness Worlds Record. It was 123 cm (48 in) long from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. It died on February 4 th, 2013 at the age of 8 in its home in Reno (Nevada)

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I'm not a Maine Coon breeder but I show a lot and visit shows and FIFÃ[emoji]169[/emoji] Maine Coons generally keep higher standard than those two. The male isn't all bad but the female looks like she could be a foundation cat (which she according to the pedigree isn't there isn't even a foundation cat in her pedigree so she just has poor type) The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy is the premier registration body for cats in the UK. We offer information, advice and expertise to help you breed, own or choose the right cat for your circumstances and life style. International Cat Care supports the GCCF's initiatives to ensure pedigree cats are healthy, preventing health and welfare.

Today the Maine Coon is the third most popular cat breed, according to the number of kittens registered with the CFA. Breed description . The Maine Coon is the largest breed of domestic cat. On average, males weigh from 13 to 18 lb (5.9 to 8.2 kg) with females weighing from 8 to 12 lb (3.6 to 5.4 kg) This apparently is the first mention of Maine Coon cats in a book or journal. It was written by F.R. Pierce. Pierce. He also wrote a chapter about the breed in Frances Simpson's The Book of the Cat (1903). He owned several other Maine Coon cats 5. 1860s - Late 1860s: farmers in the USA state of Maine exchanged stories about their cats

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Myths, legends and lore surround the Maine Coon cat. Some are amusing, some are fantastic flights of fantasy and some are merely plausible. They certainly provide good material for conversation. Books and articles dealing with these aspects of the Maine Coon cat have been well received as people never seem to tire of the subject and are always eager to know more about this breed. 1 Origin 2. Looking for forever home for my kittens maine coon kittens for sale maine coon kittens for sale nsw maine coon kittens for sale qld maine coon kittens..

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