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Riviera Beach. FL. 33404. To dive the Blue Heron Bridge Scuba Diver Certification Certification is required. Divers are required to carry a dive flag. Please note visibility can vary greatly depending upon tides and sea conditions. To join us, or if you have any questions about this dive adventure, please call. The Dive Place on 407-517-4737 The Blue Heron Bridge snorkel trail is a strictly high-tide spot! The incoming tide brings in fresh, clear ocean water making the visibility excellent and the reef lively. At low tide, due to limited visibility and strong currents water activities can be dangerous, therefore not recommended

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  1. 28 Jul /. The Blue Heron Bridge. For years, the Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach County, Florida, was a well-kept secret, only known and shared between local underwater macro photographers who enjoyed the never-ending contest in finding new forms of strange and unique cryptic critters. Others knew it as a training site for local dive instructors.
  2. Singer Island has some of the most famed sites off its beach, including the Phil Foster Park and Blue Heron Bridge Dive. Here, you're likely to see loads of critters, including seahorses, starfish, frogfish and garden eels. The limestone boulders that form the mitigation reef is also an interesting place to dive
  3. Blue Heron Bridge Dive Club. 12,991 likes · 531 talking about this. I created this group so everyone has a place now to share information, a place to meet old and new friends that dive BHB.Set up..
  4. Blue Heron Bridge, Palm Beach: Some of the best scuba diving sites for fish-watching are in the least obvious places. The Blue Heron Bridge in Palm Beach, Florida, is one such biological hotspot. This is a top dive destination for spotting unusual species - if you have a keen eye
  5. Dive Trip Report to: Phil Foster Park - Blue Heron Bridge Purpose: Beach Dive the Bridge Dive Reports: Date / Dive #: Sunday Morning Dive. My Dive # A. Dive Beach Location: Beach Dive - Blue Heron Bridge B. Conditions: Visibility: 15 - 20 ft ft Seas: Flat Water Temp

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Singer Island Outdoor Center My Islands Adventure Blue Heron Bridge Scuba Little Deeper Charters Inc. Seapremacy Fishing Charters My Islands Adventure Fishing Charter and Peanut Island Snorkeling Live Free Diving Palm Beach Pearl of Paradise Blue Heron Fishing Reel Deal Sport Fishing Angler Management We went during high tide but visibility. Blue Heron Bridge Conditions Discussion in 'Florida' started by living4experiences Since I'm unfamiliar with the bridge, I'm hiring a guide each day, which is expensive, and he's leaving it up to me to decide whether to go tomorrow or not. if it is similar today's weather then you can assume similar visibility johndiver999, Nov 3, 2020 The Blue Heron Bridge Dive Day in and day out, this Riviera Beach location may well be the best shore dive in Florida. It has two distinct sites, tons of small critters for the macro person, enough big fish to keep you looking around, and best of all, it's free, dawn until 10 p.m. Click for Photos. of critters commonly found here. Dive on high slack tide Phil Foster Park Return to All Parks A-Z . NOTICE: The use of balloons is prohibited at this park. ENTRANCE 900 E. Blue Heron Boulevard Riviera Beach, Florida 33404 Google Maps . HOURS. beach and playground: Sunrise-Sunset boat ramps: 24-hour Boat Trailer Parking Permit Required ($10 daily permit available on site) 24-hour ramp access and parking available, boat trailer and tow vehicle parking.

Diving Blue Heron Bridge - paradise for patient muck divers. The dive was not going as planned. Fifteen minutes of meticulously scanning the bottom yielded a few interesting subjects like a male pike blenny taking on a territorial stance with its dorsal fin fully erect, and its brilliant neon-blue-lined throat pouch extended 1. Blue Heron Bridge - Blue heron bridge is a world-class muck/macro dive. There is a large grouper aggregation during certain times of the year, and a lot of sharks in this area. From the surface, the bridge might not seem like an exciting dive site, but it is definitely a favorite of underwater photographers Reidster Contributor. # of Dives: 200 - 499. Location: Macomb, Michigan. 97. 25. Hello! Looking for recommendations for a dive shop to use in the West Palm Beach area, as well as modest hotel accommodations. My understanding is that West Palm Beach diving is drift diving. My wife & I are both advanced & nitrox certified Home / GO DIVING. South Florida offers a wide range of diving from shallow bright reefs to deep dark shipwrecks. When you dive South Florida with Force-E Dive Center, you have a team of knowledgeable locals behind you to ensure your scuba diving experience is better than you can imagine. We offer both boat diving and shore diving here in South. The best visibility is generally on the incoming tide, from around half-tide through to slack high tide. However, as soon as the tide turns and starts to fall, visibility quickly deteriorates. The best time to enter the water is shortly before high tide, and be sure to consult tide tables specific to Blue Heron Bridge, or dive with a local guide

Report post. Posted May 16. Our June meeting will be Saturday, June 26 at Phil Foster Park in Palm Beach County. This will be a snorkel trip in the park at the Blue Heron Bridge/snorkel trail. Links for more info are below. We will meet at the park at 9:30 am to coincide with the morning high tide (best visibility for snorkeling). Park address is Blue Heron Bridge is found in West Palm Beach; a vibrant and dynamic waterfront city located a mere hour and a half from Miami. The beach and shore diving site, are one in the same, nestled along the edge of Phil Foster Park, a beautiful patch of green space on Singer Island. The park itself is situated along the Intracoastal Waterways (IWC), a.

Enter the water under the Blue Heron Bridge via the beach. Dive here at high tide, as fresh water from the Atlantic Oceans provides optimal visibility. The dive site consists of two areas, the small bridge and the big bridge. Dive along the overgrown pillars, find the wrecks and follow the Phil Foster Park Artificial Reef and Snorkel Trail Twice daily, during the slack tide, divers can experience the clear visibility in this shallow dive site. Ranging from six to sixteen feet, diving in the Blue Heron Bridge is as easy as riding a bike. This is also a snorkeler-friendly environment, with plenty of sea stars, sea horses, octopi, and so on within a few feet from the shore Blue Heron Bridge Diving Guide. The bridge is part of Blue Heron Boulevard, which connects the city of Riviera Beach with Singer Island. Divers coming from the north or south on I-95 should take exit 76 for Blue Heron Boulevard and head east and over the first (larger) span of the bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway

While tides are predictable and currents manageable, the conditions vary from day to day. Visibility can be influenced by rainfall and rough weather offshore. Contact a local dive shop or check out the Blue Heron Bridge Dive Club Facebook page for up to date information on visibility. Also make a visual check before you enter the water The Blue Heron Bridge is a shallow dive, but it is very important to time the dive around Slack High Tide - otherwise the current can be strong and also the visibility will be next to nothing. You enter through a designated swimming area and there are rules about divers not submerging until they are out of that area Call Force E the day before for a visibility report at BHB. Viz can be <6 inches so don't make the drive if the viz is bad. You will need a Diver Down Flag. You can rent the flag/tanks/weights/other gear at Force E Scuba Center which is very near the park (155 E Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL. 561-845-2333) Species You Could See While Blue Heron Bridge Scuba Diving. The reason why Blue Heron Bridge is revered as one of the best dives in the country is due to the amazing biodiversity. It is possible to see over 100 species on one single dive

A live view from the Blue Water Convention Center towards the bridge connecting Canada with the United States. This streaming webcam is located in Michigan. Port Huron (Blue Water Bridge) - The current image, detailed weather forecast for the n.. This day we did a 2-tank dive and later we were going to the Blue Heron Bridge. The first dive was the Corridor Wrecks and was a series of 4 wrecks in a row, the Ana Cecilia, the Mizpah, The PC1174, an old patrol craft PC1174, and the Amaryllis, a 450 ft cargo ship The new spec house from Blue Heron, including a bedroom accessed over a glass bridge with a 180-degree view of the Las Vegas Valley below through a 40-foot glass wall. Get the Robb Report. Blue Heron Bridge Patrons: Please consider becoming a Patron for Blue Heron Bridge * Chris Schiebel (Moray) Visibility was an estimated 1 - 2 ft, so we didn't bother to go in. 07/16/2015 Brian Xavier (Avg: Perfect conditions for beginner divers and a great place for all other divers! Tons of critters Dive Trip Report to: West Palm Beach, Blue Heon Bridge at PHil Foster Park Purpose: REEF Team Certification Dive Dive Reports: Dive #1: .My Dive # A. Dive Boat / Location: No boat - beach dive / Blue Heron, Phil Foster Park in West Palm Beach B. Conditions: Visibility: 8 to 10 feet at the most

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The Blue Heron Bridge, which connects Singer Island to the mainland, is a marine-life melting pot. Angelfish, batfish, bonefish, dolphinfish, frogfish, jawfish, lizardfish, needlefish, parrotfish—if it has fish in its name, you will probably find it there. Phil Foster Park, at the eastern end of the bridge, is the perfect spot to look for them A seahorse hides in seagrass under the Blue Heron Bridge. Batfish Batfish are one of the favorite finds in the muck under the bridge. Bridge Octopus An octopus looks out from its home under the Blue Heron Bridge. The Blue Heron Bridge Located in Riviera Beach, Florida, the Blue Heron Bridge has some of North America's best muck diving below it

Phil Foster State Park: Address: 900 East Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach FL 33404. Slack High Tide is at 12:02 pm. Enter the water between 10:30-11:15 AM. Make sure you get a visibility report from the dive shops before you drive up Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III Discussion in ' In any case, here are 3 photos from today. Good that macro does tolerate low visibility conditions. BTW, did spot a pair of small Lionfish which will need to be removed when conditions allow. Hopefully water will improve soon and we can go back to enjoy this wonderful site. Cheers, Ricard Blue Heron Bridge has to be the best shore dive in Florida and the USA. With masses of marine life including Moray eels, Turtles, Seahorses, Frogfish, yellow sting rays, eagle rays, flying gurnards, batfish, angelfish and many more. This is a great dive for all levels of diver that likes marine life. For photographers you have lots of natural light and great macro and super macro life A modern bridge was required and in 1974, at a cost of $8.5 million, a 4-lane, high-span bridge was built. This bridge, officially named the Jerry Thomas Memorial Bridge but known by most as the Blue Heron Bridge, crosses from the mainland to Singer Island and the eastern 350 feet of the 1949 bridge was left to become a fishing pier

On an incoming high tide, the site is flushed with clean, clear ocean water, allowing for visibility up to 80 feet when the conditions are right. The dive is perfect for the beginner and seasoned vet alike, attracting people from across the world to take the plunge. The main attraction for the SCUBA set is below the Blue Heron Bridge, along. Blue Heron Bridge has to be one of the best shore dives in Florida. With masses of marine life including Moray eels, Turtles, Seahorses, Frogfish, yellow sting rays, eagle rays, flying gurnards, batfish, angelfish and many more. This is a great dive for all levels of diver that likes marine life Blue Heron Bridge Riviera Beach. The Blue Heron Bridge is an ideal spot for new divers. The visibility is clear and the water is easily accessible. The bridge is home to many species of marine life such as barracuda, parrotfish, seahorse and nurse sharks Blue Heron Bridge and Jupiter, FL (near West Palm Beach) Ok not really a Northwest dive - more like 3 Southeast dives. Blue Heron Bridge was recently described in another post. Didn't plan to go there initially but the wind kept the charter on the dock, so I went to the bridge. Nice easy 1h45 dive

The best time to dive is at high tide, as the depth is little more than 20 feet and currents can become strong at other times of the day. A dive flag is necessary when diving the bridge, and divers should follow the rules posted. As the area is fairly protected, the Blue Heron Bridge can be a good choice when conditions are unfavorable elsewhere Best time to snorkel Blue Heron Bridge. High tide is the best time for snorkeling the Blue Heron Bridge. Water will be clearer with excellent visibility of up to 30 metres. To really enjoy the underwater scenery here, you don't want to snorkel more than an hour before or after high tide. Check out tide charts for the exact tide times Advice for diving Blue Heron Bridge in United States. Under the Blue Heron Bridge is probably North America's best muck dive site. Located in Riviera Beach, Florida, the bridge spans over a channel connecting the intercoastal waterway to the ocean and under the east side of the bridge is Phil Foster Park

More Blennywatcher 2013 Favorites. January 3, 201 Before we even left the docks today we had wildlife all around us. It started off with an Osprey flying over head on its morning search for food. While we boarded the IE5 a bald eagle sat high on a sail boat mast and was being accosted by a gull while a great blue heron fed in the exposed inner tidal zone next to the dock

Like Bathtub, Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach often is crowded with snorkelers and scuba divers. It's a great place to see marine life less common in the other areas, specifically giant starfish, sea urchins, spotted eagle rays, lionfish and more. Blue Heron is a bit farther away but it's worth the extra drive time June 22, 2020. 2 Minutes. Scuba divers have known about the wonders under the Blue Heron Bridge (or BHB) for years. About an hour's drive from Okeechobee, the bridge is in Palm Beach Country and connects Singer Island to the mainland. On a small island under the bridge is the 15-acre Phil Foster Park with life-guarded beach, playground.

Reef Report Blue Heron Bridge Shore Dive at Season Kick-Off Picnic Seas less than 1 foot, depth 17 feet, water temp 78 degrees, 20 foot visibility. Sightings included several bait balls of silversides, huge yellow starfish, porkfish, parrotfish, blue tangs, sergeant majors, batfish, octopus in a bottle, sharp-tailed eel devouring a small crab. I am one of the few people who goes to the Blue Heron Bridge site at low tides, when the visibility is terrible. And I've been doing this for years, and that is when I find the same tropical fish. Dive at night and in limited visibility conditions they were exposed to during training; Plan and execute a night and low visibility dives; A Local's Advice on Diving the Blue Heron Bridge. 10 Comments / February 5, 2015 Blue Heron Bridge, Riviera Beach 4. Sebastian Inlet State Park 5. Breakers Reef, West Palm Beach 6. DuBois Park, Jupiter 7. House of Refuge, Stuart (Georges Valentine shipwreck) 8. Jensen Public.

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Blue Heron Bridge. To learn more about the conditions, read our Phil Foster Park snorkeling post! Coral Cove Park. Arrive early morning for calm water and good visibility. Regina Shipwreck. The SS Regina was a tanker that sank at Bradenton Beach near Anna Maria Island in 1940. The wreck is a good snorkel spot in Southwest Florida now 8. Take it Easy at Blue Heron Bridge, Riviera Beach, Florida. Even those unsure about diving can have a great time at Blue Heron Bridge. The water is only 12 feet deep so you have no need to worry about strong currents and deep holes. So how does 12 feet of water make for a great dive? Well, seeing is believing

Florida is lucky to have a climate that offers excellent conditions for underwater sports almost year-round, but since it a large state with a long coastline, the conditions may vary depending on the location. Blue Heron Bridge. The only thing you should keep in mind that be sure to arrive at high tide. At low tide, the visibility can. Blue Heron Bridge - Night Dive | West Palm Beach, FL. Close. 24. Report Save. View Entire Discussion (2 Comments) More posts from the scuba community. 531. (my open water instructor at TDI always said that it disturbs ocean life and causes the visibility to get poorer because of all the silt and ruins the dive for other dive groups. Blue Heron Bridge. To learn more about the conditions, read our Phil Foster Park snorkeling post! Coral Cove Park. The Coral Cove is a lifeguard protected beach park. With the close-by Blowing Rocks Preserve, they are good snorkel spots in Jupiter, Florida. Expect to see barracuda, nurse shark, loggerhead turtles and eels! Bathtub Beac Definitely second Blue Heron Bridge. You can park free, they have showers and decent bathrooms, and TONS of life within an east swim from shore. Even though I dive (no more snorkeling here), Blue Heron is still one of my favorite spots. Stop in to Force E ahead of time to rent gear and get the latest update on water conditions

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Person Ages 8+. $ 55. Our experienced dive instructors will guide you on a snorkel tour of the magnificent Blue Heron Bridge. The world famous snorkel trail, is located under the Blue Heron Bridge just south of Phil Foster Park's beach, 200 feet offshore, and is accessible for every level, ranging in depth from six to 10 feet Amazing Tropical Scuba Diving in Florida! Welcome to South Florida, home to the best coral reef scuba diving in the continental United States. The warm and clear waters around Boynton and West Palm Beach make for an amazing destination for a scuba diving holiday, to get PADI scuba certified, or for a great day trip for Florida locals. Our local dive sites are well suited to scuba divers of all. We believe Visibility is key in marketing. That's why we advertised on the main billboard coming over the Blue Heron bridge to Singer Island. We do everything we can to reach buyers. Billboards offer unparalleled visibility with maximum exposure to vehicular traffic. This billboard built familiarity with our brand, and the name Dermot. Peanut Island with Blue Heron Bridge in the distance (Photo: The Palm Beaches) If your kids have ever dreamed of exploring under the sea through The Little Mermaid's eyes, For the best visibility and conditions, plan to get into the water roughly one hour before high tide Report this profile Activity Blue Heron Bridge striding the southern Florida Intercoastal waterway provides incredible visibility and diverse ocean life - octopus, seahorse, an

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Crystal River is the world's best spot to snorkel with manatees. If Florida offers great spots at sea, it also hides some treasures inland, along its rivers and hot springs. For a truly unique experience, head to Kings Bay, Citrus County. Crystal River hot springs, constantly at 72.5°F/22.5°C, provide a unique warm haven for the manatees. Blue Heron Bridge is host to an abundance of tropical life in all stages of development. The calm grassy bottom is a nursery for juvenile reef fish, where octopi, flounder, skates and rays hide in the sand. The pilings themselves attract all manner of larger fish from snappers to barracuda cross-over at Blue Heron Point Rd. to be reconstructed, however, only right -in, right-out movements from the side roads to be allowed at these intersections. • The existing intersection with Blue Heron Point Rd. to be reconstructed to provide a left turn in from US 278 while also constructing a bulb- out to allow westbound US 278 traffic to mak Welcome to Blue Heron Bridge, considered by many to be THE premier macro dive site in the continental United States. Divers come from all over the world to see and photograph the prolific creatures that drift in and out with the daily tides. What a diver can expect to see here is an amazing diversity of aquatic animals thriving in an area strongl Blue Heron has been producing some good sized Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, and Saugeye on jigs and lures. Fisherman's Bridge had about 2.5' of visibility along the edges this morning. Fish are moving towards the edges and pockets to find relief from the flows, and will look to intercept both migrating and dislodged food in the soft water.

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Phil Foster Park is a stone's throw from our home on Singer Island, located just north of West Palm Beach on the Lake Worth Lagoon of the Intracoastal Waterway.The park's beach, under the famous Blue Heron Bridge, offers easy access to an artificial reef and snorkel trail. The trail, perched just 200 feet offshore in 6 to 12 feet of water, depending on the tides, attracts divers and. Blue Heron Bridge. Blue Heron Bridge is one of the most popular scuba diving sites in Florida and is perfect for an entry-level diving experience. Enter at Phil Foster Park and dive into the Lake Worth Lagoon. You'll see hundreds of sea creatures, including sea horses, barracuda, and angelfish. You can also follow along the 800-foot Snorkel. I went to the Blue Heron Bridge yesterday afternoon for the 4:15 high tide. I saw several divers coming back after a 5 minute dive complaining about the poor visibility, 6 feet at most. I thought that I could still take advantage of that bridge dive to try the new 5mm wet suit I just bought to be ready for winter time

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Wonderful Shore Dive at Blue Heron Bridge May 17, 2019 May 17,2019 Donna and I had a wonderful dive at the site known as Florida's best shore dive, Blue Heron Bridge on Friday, May 17. I'd read about diving Blue Heron Bridge and seen lots of pictures from there, by when Captain Ryan of Tanksalot diving in Clearwater told me I had to do it, well. Within minutes of gearing up and walking into Florida's Intracoastal Waterway between the low-slung Blue Heron Bridge and Singer Island, near West Palm Beach, my light attracted a tiny squid. It hung inches from my camera, which allowed clear shots even in the murky waters. I was on a slow stalk less than 15 feet deep

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Fishing Reports and Discussions for Wisconsin River - Stevens Point, Portage County - Wisconsin VISIBILITY 10MI. The answer to my own question is: Blue Heron gate closed, Galecke open, fish don't know it! Like 0. REPORT ABUSE. 12/7/19 @ 11:49 A And one of the nation's best shallow-water muck dives awaits at Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach. The area is an artificial reef hotbed, as well. The area is an artificial reef hotbed, as well. Just offshore, a string of wrecks are part of an aggressive artificial-reef program, including three retired oil platforms called Tenneco Towers Visibility on the wrecks often exceeds 70' both horizontally and vertically. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, or Blue Heron Bridge. WHY DIVE FORT LAUDERDALE? When looking for a beautiful reef for a relaxing photo or drift dive or an exciting wreck to explore, Fort Lauderdale's three-tier reef system is the place to be. wreck to explore, Fort. Ocean diving goes on all year around in southeast Florida and the Keys. From West Palm Beach south, water temperatures get as high as 84F in the summer months, and drops only to the low 70F's in winter. Visibility is typically 40-50 feet, and occasionally will be 100 feet or more. Turtles, lobsters, moray eels, jacks, barracuda, grouper and.