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Buy Spanner at Grainger®. Expert Service Available 24-7 Replacement tap valve size This is determined by the thread which screws into the tap body. Happily there aren't too many variables in most domestic brassware. The most common conventions for domestic taps nowadays are 1/2 and 3/4 BSP Loosens or tightens tap spindles. Suits all major brands. Premium quality. Hex sizes: 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 29mm. Square size: 25mm Found this video helpful? Please hit the Like and subscribe buttons for us!This quick guide by Tap Magician will take you through the steps needed to measure..

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The body is about 15mm in diameter and the flats take a 12mm spanner Is there a standard tool for this and if so what is it called and do you know of any suppliers? The local plumbers merchant who I normally get parts from is usually very helpful but wasn't able to help in this case Tap Cartridge Valve removal tool spanner for SMR SP3308 3308R. Brand: TML. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 76 ratings. Price: £15.95. Enhance your purchase. This Valve Removal Tool is for removing the old SP3308 Valve which has two flats instead of a hex nut. There are two ends on our tool, one end will remove the old/ original cartridge that has a nut. STEP3: You will now need an adjustable spanner (or the correct size spanner) in order to remove the cartridge. The cartridge will undo Anti-clockwise. The brass cartridge may be very difficult to remove due to corrosion. You can try some WD40 or some hot water over the valve to try and loosen it Size of the Spanner. All kinds of spanner are used to dismantle or tight nut or bolts of a specific size. All spanners are in units of mm, inches and ww. Millimetre spanners are available in 1/16 and double-ended and ring spanners are mostly in sets of 6, 8, 12 and 36 Buy Plumbing spanners, tap & waste tools at B&Q - order online or check stock in store 100s of Help & advice articles 300 stores nationwide discover top DIY brand

rogerk101 Screwfix Select. I've dealt with many tap cartridges like that, and in every case except one of them I was able to sort it out just by soaking the cartridge in white vinegar overnight. The dripping is nearly always caused by limescale and the vinegar dissolves the limescale within a few hours Include: 1 pack of tap cartridge, 20 teeth Function: Universal size, suitable for most shower faucets. Can be used for single or double hot and cold water taps. Install:Install with 1 screw driver and 1 spanner. Size: 2.1 inch(0.82cm)* 1.02(0.4cm) inch(H*D).Outer Diameter: 0.3inch(0.75cm).Please view the size picture carefully before purchasing Suitable for replacing basin/sink Faucets with 20 teeth on the stem and 57mm overall.3/4 Basin size cartridge with threaded collar; M4 solid screws provided.20 tooth stem measures 7.6mm diameter and 12mm length whatever size ring spanner that will fit over the whole lot , just get it on there, then look at the 2 spaces left next to the 2 flats , and jamb the ends of a screwdriver into those spaces to.

Quarter Turn Tap Valves Handed Valves sold in pairs - one clockwise and one anti-clockwise opening Available in the following sizes: 1/2 and 3/4 BSP thread sizes. All valves have M24 upper threads to fit any type of shroud or cove Finance provided by PayPal Credit. Terms and conditions apply. Credit subject to status, UK residents only, Toolstation Ltd, acts as a broker and offers finance from a restricted range of finance providers, PayPal Credit is a trading name of PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l et Cie, S.C.A. 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg

3/8 inch flat tap washer. Approx physical measurement : 5/8 inch / 15.8mm diameter (the name of the washer does not match up with its actual size). Click to see full answer. Hereof, are tap washers a standard size Features: Loosens and tightens a mixer tap. Suits most mixer taps. Hex Sizes 9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm - Use your screwdriver to remove the head of your tap, then remove the nut underneath it - Remove the tap cartridge using your spanner - Soak the cartridge in your mixture of water and vinegar for around 10 minutes. This should dissolve any limescale - If you remove the cartridge and it still has limescale on it, soak it for longer Once you have removed the ceramic tap cartridge you will need to identify the thread size. In the UK 95% of taps are either BSP 1/2 (Basin size) or 3/4 (Bath size). The BSP British Pipe Standard doesn't refer to any physical dimension, which is very confusing and is why we display all the dimensions in mm

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The following are the most common ceramic disk cartridge sizes 25mm, 35mm, 40mm All cartridges are operated by either single lever or by joystick Single lever cartridges control water flow together with temperature blending (left for hot and right for cold I'm trying to replace the cold tap valve on a Franke Ascona mixer tap. The valve is slightly recessed in a non removable shroud. The new replacement valve fits a standard 14mm socket set which I can use. However the existing valve I am trying to remove has rounded sides which prevents the socket set from attaching Haron Mixer Tap Spanner Kit. (2) $12 .48. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Craftright 6 Piece Tap Spanner Set. (0) $4 .98

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  1. We have replacement valves, cartridges & tap spares to repair most makes of kitchen taps. • A quick and easy solution for repairing dripping, leaking or faulty taps which just require new internal parts. • These tap spares are universal fitting so will fit most standard bath, basin and kitchen taps. • Wastes to suit all makes of basin.
  2. Mixer tap holes for baths should be approximately 180mm (7.25in) apart, and 195mm (7.75in) apart for basins. What is the standard size hole for a kitchen faucet? All tap holes are standard sized at 1 3/8 inches wide, but some faucets require a 1 1/2 inch hole. Tap holes are spaced apart 4 inches on center for center set faucets, and 6 to 8.
  3. Back Size Clear. 2.5mm 1; Show more Wishlist. Performa Mixer Tap Extension Hose 250mm Product Code: 1842896 -+ water by installing a water saving disk to your tap or stop your bathroom or kitchen tap from leaking with a new mixer tap cartridge. Our range of o rings and mixer tap fixing kits will be all you need to fix a leaking tap
  4. The tap washer is underneath the valve, secured into place with either a screw or a nut. Remove the tap washer with a spanner or, if it's too difficult to undo, put penetrating oil around it and allow this to soak in before trying again. Step 5 Replace the old, worn washer with a new tap washer in the same size. Step 6 Put the tap back.

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If you are in any doubt about CHANGING a Kitchen Tap Cartridge - do contact a professional plumber. How to replace a Cartridge in your Single Lever Kitchen Tap. Just follow the 11 easy steps below to replace cartridge in your Single Lever Kitchen Tap: Step 10 Refit the grub screw. Step 11 Turn on the water Now I can't take the nut to the shop to size it up, but what are some common size for the copper hex shaped nut? I was thinking of ordering this kit- 9/11mm and 12/13mm. 2pc Silverline Monobloc Back NUT TAP Sink Bath TAP Spanner SET 9 11 12 13mm | eBa Tap cartridge spanner set to suit 1/2 & 3/4 taps. Set includes the following size spanners 14-15mm 16-17mm 18-19mm and tommy bar. Fits most tap cartridge nuts. Chrome finish

Shop Todays Tools Tap Cartridge Spanner Set for 1/2 & 3/4 tap Cartridges. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.. Tap cartridge spanner set to suit 1/2 & 3/4 taps. 。 Fits most tap cartridge nuts 。 Set includes the following size spanners 。 14-15mm 16-17mm 18-19mm and tommy bar. 。 Chrome finish 。 Tap cartridge spanner. Once the cartridge is visible usually there will be a nut shape. part which you need a spanner to undo. The direction is anti clockwise and it can be quite tough. Tap the spanner with a piece of wood or a rubber hammer and it will move. Undo the whole thing and give it a good pull to get it out. Put the unit overnight in a mug of gentle acid. Remove mixer tap cartridge value. Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by Phoebian, 14 Jul I tried with a spanner and adjustable spanner but I cannot get a grip, any ideas? Attached Files: IMG_20200714_140032.jpg File size: 164.2 KB Views: 61. IMG_20200714_140037.jpg File size: 155.9 KB Views: 49. IMG_20200714_140044.jpg. Here I show you how to pull apart a kitchen mixer tap and to service it. I get the cartridge out and then pull this internal cartridge apart and lube it.Then.. Undo the cartridges using a spanner. Measure them to get the correct size cartridge. Refit. Job done. I was thinking of replacing the tap, but fixed it for well under a quarter of the cost of a new one. Read more. Helpful. Report abuse. Kempy. 5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to install

I need to replace the cartridges on a kitchen tap (pictures attached) and then tighten it to the sink. The first problem I have is with removing the cartridges; the 15mm nut that I need to undo is below the level of the surrounding tap so I can't use a flat spanner. The splined shaft is too long to get a socket over it and a box spanner just spins Seemingly the two sizes are not in sync so the loo seat is constantly working its way loose. 0. 09/01/20 - 08:08 edited 09/01/20 - 08:14 #3. If you mean the actual tap handles on top, they are held In place by a screw that tightens into the centre of the hidden spline. They are accessed by undoing the H or C marked caps. I'd advise you. They also had a spreadsheet that I was able to download which had listed all variations of sizes of the different bits that make up a cartridge tap. The spreadsheet lists 360 different tap cartridges Replacement Valves/Cartridge is required. If you know the model of your Tap you can search for it in our Web Shop and place the order. If you are unsure of the Model please send an image to ks-ukcentralservices.gb@franke.com and request identification. MY TAP IS LEAKING FROM THE BASE OF THE SPOUT: A replacement O-Ring Kit is required Tap Cartridges The following are the most common ceramic disk cartridge sizes. 25mm , 35mm, 40mm All cartridges are operated by either single lever or by joystick Single lever cartridges control water flow together with temperature blending (left for hot and right for cold) Signs that suggest your valves may need replacin

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REPLACEMENT VALVES, CARTRIDGES & O RINGS FOR YOUR LEAKING FRANKE TAP. TapSparesUK stocks quality replacement spare parts for Franke kitchen taps. All our replacement valves/cartridges are guaranteed for 12 months. We also stock O ring and spout seal repair kits that are fully compatible with Franke taps Shak April 24, 2020. i've just changed my tap cartridges on this tap. the grub screw is not obvious.on the left tap grip the slim upright (may have to use a cloth) twist anti-clockwise, turn this and the upright will come off revealing the grub screw. use a 2.5mm Allen key to loosen the grub-screw (anti-clockwise). slide off the cylindrical shaped body of the left ap. this will reveal the. (4 mm), a pipe wrench, adjustable spanner for different sizes. Recommended for installation of the wall mount bracket: two screws (e.g. 5 mm in size) and two wall plugs (if necessary). The BRITA Tap Cartridge Status Indicator reminds you through three different coloured fl ashing lights when to exchange the fi lter cartridge We have an unbeatable range of spares and accessories just a click away; for toilets, taps, showers & more. If you need help identifying a suitable part, email sales@bathroomspareparts.co.uk or call for a prompt response Re: Replacing 1/4 turn tap valves (ceramic cartridge?) « Reply #1 on: 22 October, 2012, 09:30:20 am ». Very easy, if you have the right replacement. If you can, remove said component and take it to the plumbers merchant. One word to the wise: if it is a mixer, do not assume it is a dripping cold tap, simply because that is high pressure

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  1. TAP CARTRIDGE SPANNER SET PRODUCT CODE SIZE LIST PRICE GROUP; TAP CARTRIDGE SPANNER SET: CSS: £9.50: B: Squeeze Off Tool PRODUCT CODE SIZE LIST PRICE GROUP; Squeeze Off Tool. Ideal Clamping Tool for up to 32mm MDPE pipe. Can be adapted for use on Speedfit and similar Plastic Plumbing Systems for effecting repairs without draining down the.
  2. I am trying to replace a worn bathroom sink mono-tap cartridge, I can strip the top of the tap off easy enough but when it comes to removing the brass nut which is holding the cartridge in place I'm stuck. File size: 689.8 KB Views: 26. Eddie72, Jun 14, 2020 #5. I've had a go with an angle-grinder spanner yesterday but the lugs on it.
  3. Lamona Lever Deck Mixer Hot Tap Cartridge Compatible Spare (Howdens) - LMLDX3367 Howdens Tap Spares: What You Need to Know What is the spanner size used to unscrew the Howdens Lamona Lever Deck Mixer Cartridge? The spanner size is 17mm. Is knowing the replacement valve measurement important? Yes, it is important

Loosens and tightens a mixer tap. Hex Sizes 9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm. The FIX-A-TAP Mixer Tap Spanner Set is designed to loosen and tighten mixer taps. It comes in multiple hex sizes and suits most mixer taps Unscrew and remove the old cartridge using your spanner. Install the new cartridge. Rebuild your tap by reversing the above steps. Turn your water supply back on and check your tap is no longer dripping. To discover more about this, please see our how to fix a dripping tap guide 1: Remove the tap handle by using an Allen key to undo the grub screw. 2: Remove the shroud by hand with an anticlockwise turn. 3: Remove the brass collar keeping the cartridge secure with the help of an appropriate sized spanner. The cartridge should pull out with ease. 4: Use the appropriate silicone grease on the O-rings of the new cartridge. the cartridge retaining nut using a suitable spanner. Remove the cartridge and clean thoroughly under cold water to remove any build up of limescale or debris. If necessary replace the cartridge using parts supplied by Bristan only. Replace the cartridge into the body, tighten the cartridge retaining nut using a suitable spanner 1-3/4-in, 2-in and 2-1/2-in Hex Combo Wrench. Model #IRHT82243. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 38647BAB-4253-4399-BF34-F2AE8036D83D@1.00x. 39. Blue Monster. 6 in 1 Cleaning and Deburring 6 In 1 Fitting and Tube Deburring Reamer. Model #70255

Rated 5 out of 5 by crackers123 from Tap spanner set Easy to use, well priced and did the job well! Great addition to the toolbox. Great addition to the toolbox. Date published: 2021-06-1 This Franke Tap Valve has been discontinued but the new SP3794 is the replacement 133.0358.053 Hot valve SP3794-H 133.0358.055 Cold valve SP3794-C. and this is a change by the manufacturer of the Franke Ascona Tap. Whichever Franke Ascona Valve is in your own tap, you will receive the SP3794. No Brass Bush is required with this Franke Ascona. Remove the tap head using your screwdriver, and take out cartridge retaining nut below it. 4. Take out the tap cartridge using your spanner. 5. Soak the cartridge in the water and vinegar mix for around 10 minutes. If when you take it out, the cartridge still has limescale on it, it simply needs to be soaked for longer

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Despite my tap being comet, it looks more like the Reich tap inside, with a brass nut holding in the cartridge. When I attempted to remove the nut, the best I had available was a pair of mole grips, but it was too tight for them. This left me wondering if indeed the brass nut and collar was supposed to come undone, the diagram confirms Mizu Drift MK2 Gooseneck Sink Mixer Tap Matte Black (4 Star) Product Code: 9509133. Please enter a valid quantity. My Price $0.00 (inc.gst) CMP. $0.00 (inc.gst) Enter your postcode to see pricing. Available to Trade Account holders in maX. American Standard Studio Saga Tubular Sink Mixer Tap Chrome (4 Star Use a spanner to remove the tap washer. But, in case the removal is becoming a problem, add a little penetrating oil around the tap washer, leave to soak, and then try removing it again. Step 5: Place the new tap washer into the position of the old, worn washer - ensure that they are the same size. Step 6: Re-assemble the tap Rothenberger Monobloc Tap Spanner Set. Product code: 118702. Standard delivery - from FREE. Standard delivery - from FREE. £4 or FREE over £75. Orders that include Big and Bulky items will incur an additional delivery charge. Please refer to our Delivery Details for more information. We deliver Monday - Saturday, between 7am and 7pm It is necessary to use an adjustable spanner to undo the cartridge. Clutch the spanner on the nut of the cartridge and turn it anticlockwise to remove. The cartridge might be fastened on the valve with a grub screw. Use a correct size Allen key to undo the grub screw and remove the cartridge. Calcification will jam the cartridge in the bath tap.

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TAP SPARE PARTS. Are you looking for tap replacements? choose from 100's of parts you need to repair or replace. Take a look at our range of ceramic disc mixer cartridges, ceramic disc spindles, standard jumper valve spindles, spindle extensions, repair kits, thermal barriers, and much more U se a flat blade screwdriver to remove the hot/cold button from the handle of the tap requiring a new ceramic cartridge. If you're having a hard time finding the valves, follow the water lines. The full valve and cartridge range can be found by clicking here: Range of tap valves & cartridges. Needle nose pliers are great for such delicate work Monument GRIP+ Mono Tap Back Nut Spanner Set is a set of 3 double ended tap back nut box spanners for quick assembly of tap back nuts on basins. Supplied with T-bar. The set comprises the following sizes: 8 x 10, 9 x 11 and 12 x 13mm

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Bathroom Faucets July 1, 2021-2 20 Bathroom Bathroom Faucet Part Bathroom Faucet Parts Brass Cartridge Ceramic Cold DECARETA Disc Faucet Faucet Part for G1/2 kitchen Packs Replacemen Use adjustable, 15mm or 17mm spanner (depending on cartridge size) to remove cartridge from housing. 8. If cleaning, rinse cartridge under a good flow of water, opening and closing cartridge to allow water to access the internals. You may also wish to soak the cartridge in de-scaler. 9. Inspect tap housing for debris and clean with a cloth if. Re: Mixer tap cartidge replacement - nut rounded off : (. Post. by thescruff » Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:57 pm. A good size adjustable spanner is what you should be using. Get someone to hold the tap then tap the end of the spanner with an hammer, thats anti-clockwise as you look down on it. Top The size of the spanner varies but you can choose 20 to 25 mm for different tap sizes. You can also acquire adjustable spanner. Other than these, you might also need sealants, augers and augers that you may use if ever you encounter other plumbing problems while you are fixing the leak of your tap 3- This could be quite difficult with the pliers, if so, use a size 13 spanner and extend it with another spanner to increase your force. It is very important to equally adjust each of the threads for the mixer to remain horizontal

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  1. Place your 32 mm box spanner or adjustable spanner over the cartridge onto the nut. Using slight pressure, turn it counterclockwise. Doing this should loosen the nut. Step 6: Take Out The Cartridge. Once everything is removed, your cartridge will be exposed. With a swift upward pull of the cartridge, it should budge pretty easily
  2. 3: Using a 17mm socket or spanner remove the hot or cold valve (4) 4: Clean any dirt/debris from the tap chamber/body (1), make sure area is clean. 4: Fit new valve (4), ensure all O-rings are lubricated & not dry (use silicone if required). 5: Reassemble the tap in reverse order
  3. Hex-Shank Combination Drill Bit/TapSets for Drills and Screwdrivers. Drill and tap holes in a range of diameters. With a drill bit point to drive into the workpiece, these tools can drill and tap holes in a single step. Connect them directly to drills, power screwdrivers, and other tools that accept a 1/4 hex shank
  4. A spanner is a tool that helps to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts. The size of the screw will vary depending on what model faucet you have. Experiment to find what spanner fits the width of your screw or use an adjustable spanner. Turn the spanner left to undo the screw, this will cause the handle to come loose
  5. WaterScience SFC-UW 100-SC Hard Water Replacement Cartridge/Filter for Cleo Range of Shower and Tap Filters - Standard Cartridge for Municipal/Metro Water 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,555 ₹845.00 ₹ 845 . 0
  6. We have a range of tap spares and replacement tap heads for sale online in a variety of sizes. Suitable for bath filler and shower mixer taps, as well as basin taps. You will also find we have a selection of water filter cartridges available to help remove all bad tastes and any smells from water
  7. The tap in my bathroom sink had been getting rather sticky of late. I don't mean sticky to the touch on the exterior, but as a mixer tap its vertical movements were no longer smooth and thus controlling water flow had become difficult. This condition had been deteriorating over the last year or so, and I decided that now would be a great time to do something about it
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It started to leak slightly through the body so I watched a few YouTube videos and managed to remove the button cover on the handle and unfastened the grub screw with an Allen key. The grub screw came off but fell inside the body of the tap though I don't think that's a problem. In theory the next step is that the handle can just be lifted off Kitchen Tap Faucet Aerator. SK-1065S american standard kitchen faucet aerator standard kitchen faucet aerator size Quality and health from raw material stainless steel 304: * Health: SUS304 is a material can be inbuilt in our body

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Underside of the tap beneath the sink/counter isn't wet). Either the cartridge or a new o-ring should fix it I think. I'm not bothered about taking the tap apart in terms of effort - I've done a few plumbing jobs around the house before. I'll try the 2.5mm Allen. I tried a few ranges of regular screwdriver last night, but didn't work Remove the stem. Next, you'll need to loosen the nut that holds the tap parts together with your spanner and remove the stem. Replace tap washer. Replace o-ring. Re-assemble your tap. How to change washer on mixer tap. Turn off the water supply. Unscrew the tap. Remove the cartridge and replace 3. Fit the new washer. It may be a tight fit to get the washer over the pin. If so, apply some petroleum jelly and use the side of your pliers or a spanner to push it down. 4. Now you can replace the tap headgear, taking care to hold the tap securely when tightening the nut. Turn the water supply back on and check the tap is working properly again A handy tool to determine the specific spline size/tooth count. Can be used with CC and RC tap mechanisms listed on this site. The Tap cartridge spline finder gauge (SF) is a genuine, brand new Inventive Creations product, covered by a Inventive Creations manufacturer's guarantee. Available for same day despatch if ordered before 3:30pm Monday. Pin Spanner. SPA-2 Pin Spanner. SPA-6 Adjustable Spanner. TAP-3 Pedal Tap Set — 1/2 TAP-6 Pedal Tap Set — 9/16 TWB-36 36mm Crow Foot. Products. New Products Tools Repair Stands Park Tool Gear E-Gift Cards Catalogs Education. Repair Help Park Tool School.

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Fitting a Monoblock Mixer Tap - How to Replace and Connect a Kitchen or Bathroom Mixer Tap. How to fit a monoblock tap to a kitchen sink, basin or bath. Learn how to connect, fit or replace a mixer tap in your kitchen or bathroom. And get some hints ideas which tools will make this project a little easier Crosswater Square Basin Tap Ceramic Cartridge CG110FL1. Crosswater Ku single-lever ceramic disc cartridge CG110FL1. £17.50. £21.00 This changing a mixer tap is a guide to help you, whether you're in a narrowboat bathroom or kitchen in the house. It's useful if you have a leaking tap and can't, (or don't want) to fix it. If you're fixing a mixer tap from scratch, then you might prefer reading my pull out mono mixer tap guide here. Prep Time 20 minutes. Active Time 30 minutes The replacement tap washer or cartridge; An adjustable spanner; Flat-edge and cross-head (Philips headed) screwdrivers; How to repair a dripping tap 1. Isolate the tap. The first thing to do is to shut off the water to the tap in question. You can do this by closing the isolation valve on the pipe Undo it fully and remove it. Once you have, the old tap should now be loose and you can now remove it. Loosening the backing nut from the tap with a basin spanner. Clean and Fit new Tap. Before fitting your new tap, give the area around the tap hole a good clean with some anti-bacterial cleaner, Cif or similar

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Thanks Andrew, It turned out to be straight forward, lever off indicator, unscrew, pull handle off, but then the cartridge is recessed, needing a box spanner, (or socket) probably 18mm, not one I have. Do you know the exact size of this nut? I asked the question because I know most taps, even the quirks of Perrin and Rowe, (don't take the indicator off), but this is a Roca Loft, not one I know. With the tap turned off, unscrew the small retaining screw and remove the capstan handle. Remove the bell-shaped metal shroud to reveal the gland nut which is the first nut on the spindle. Using a spanner, tighten the gland nut by about half a turn. Put the capstan handle back on the tap to check the adjustment has stopped the leak This premium German made Gedore 2659441 Tap wrench with ratchet size 2, M5-M12 8551 TG-2 is the best tool for your jo NZ$ 269.90 EA. NZ$ 209.00 EA. This is a top quality under bench water filter system all ready for installation. Package includes all fittings, 1/4 NSF pressure pipe, housings, bracket, Spanner, Regency ceramic disc faucet, a 1 micron Gradient Density Polyspun pre filter and the solid carbon block Omnipure 0.5 or 1 micron cartridge as the final.

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Clean the thermostatic cartridge (which you have removed) in a solution of water and vinegar (ratio of 1:1) Immerse the cartridge in the solution and soak for around 10 minutes. Clean with a brush and run under fresh water to remove any debris. Inspect all washers and O rings for damage To achieve success, you're gonna need a tap washer repair kit, a Phillips head or a crossheaded screwdriver, an adjustable spanner, set of grips, and a small slotted screwdriver there.. Firstly, we find out where we have to isolate the tap from. That means turn it off. Fortunately this one is right near the cold water main, so we just turn that one off and it should all be okay BLANCO has over 90 year of experience producing industry leading kitchen products. Today, having sold over 50 million sinks, from stainless steel kitchen sinks to ceramic and composite granite kitchen sinks, we are one of the most successful manufacturers in the world. BLANCO stands for excellent craftsmanship, first-class materials and.