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The Southern Pacific narrow gauge system was a network of 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge railroad lines operated by the Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) in the western United States.It consisted of two lines acquired in the early 20th century, running from western Nevada into eastern California and southern Oregon.. The first, the former Carson and Colorado Railway, comprised 300 miles of single. HOn3 mid-sized layout based on prototype scenes. For a remote and lightly traveled narrow gauge shortline, the Southern Pacific's Keeler Branch attracted a lot of railfan and historian attention over the years. From its beginnings as the Carson and Colorado in the 1880s to its final run in 1960, the Slim Princess fascinated observers with its.

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  1. The railroad was purchased by the Southern Pacific Railroad in March 1900 which continued to operate it as the Carson and Colorado. In October 1904, the Hazen Cut-off was started as standard gauge and the narrow gauge track was changed to standard gauge south to Tonopah Jct., a few miles south of Mina. The new track was finished in August 1905
  2. es of Eastern California, ending at Keeler on the Owens Dry Lake. Parent Virginia & Truckee RR sold the C&C to the Southern Pacific RR in 1900; it was partly standard-gauged and reorganized as the Nevada & California RR in 1905, then in 1912 was absorbed by the Southern Pacific and operated as.
  3. California's first narrow gauge common carrier railroad. Constructed by local farmers upset by the Southern Pacific's tariff rates and seeking to establish their own railroad and port in Monterey bay. Within 4 years Nature and the Southern Pacific ultimately drive the line to bankruptcy
  4. The Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Historical Society got its start back in 1981 when a small group of people interested in the narrow gauge railroads of the former Southern Pacific Railroad got together as the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Society to share information. This interest was, and still is, shared through a publication that has had.
  5. Abandoned United Verde & Pacific Railroad (narrow gauge) Abandoned San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad Abandoned Morenci Southern Railway (narrow gauge) Southern Pacific Railroad - various surveys 1880-1923 Prescott & Phoenix Shortline Railroad / SPRR - survey 1910-1915 Arizona Mineral Belt Railroad - survey 1895-190
  6. g was bad again; a new strike at Tonopah was announced a few months after the sale. 5.

A 501(c)3 non-profit group dedicated to the resoration and operation of former Southern Pacific narrow gauge #18. Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Historical Society. Dedicated to the study of the Southern Pacific narrow gauge lines and their predecessor roads. Collections. Inventory of the Carson and Colorado Railway, 1887-1916 Forming The Modern Southern Pacific. The vaunted Southern Pacific name carries a complex history although its immediate heritage can be traced back to the Transcontinental Railroad's completion. When the Central Pacific (CP) and Union Pacific met on May 10, 1869 at Promontory Summit, Utah the West was opened to new means of economic development and settlement, enabling travelers to take cross. Despite the best efforts of its founders, the South Pacific Coast was assimilated as a narrow gauge subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Railroad, (formerly the Central Pacific), in 1887. Operations would continue in this fashion until 1906, when the pre-dawn events of April 18th brought all operations to a crashing halt

All of the branch lines, sidings, and spurs of the Loma Prieta Branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad, 1883-1936. Also, the narrow-gauge Valencia Creek Railway, owned and operated by the F. A. Hihn Company, 1886-1895. Not all streams and roads marked. Click image for a larger size. [Derek R. Whaley Piecing Together A Legendary Narrow-Gauge. As historian Dr. George Hilton notes in his book, American Narrow Gauge Railroads, despite losing control of New Mexico's Raton Pass, William Palmer did end up creating much of the railroad he had originally visualized.His interest in the iron horse began early in life when, at the age of 17, he began working for Hempfield Railroad's engineering. The Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Society: Editor: Brian Norden PO Box 3012 Industry CA 91744 626-962-2754 Back issues and information: Cliff Mestel 12874 County Road 314B Buena Vista, Colorado 81211 -=-=-=-=-=- Classic Miniatures has a kit for the Keeler Engine House in HO scale. It is listed as Kit Number 32401.. Commonly known as the Modoc Line, this route ran through remote ranch land and high deserts in northeastern California, far from any population centers. The line was originally constructed as the narrow-gauge Nevada-California-Oregon (N-C-O), and SP converted the line to standard gauge when they acquired it

SP Narrow Gauge Birth of California Narrow Gauge Railroads. Randy Hees has prepared a site with significant information about the South Pacific Coast, the North Pacific Coast, and California car builders. Slim Rails. This is Rick Blanchard's comprehensive narrow gauge site. SP narrow gauge lines may be found here OF THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD. Originally, this site was based on the supplemental maps provided by Guy Dunscomb in his book, A Century of Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives. I started this sometime between the years 2000-2010. However, it never got very far due to a lack of information, especially for the Atlantic Lines (Texas and Louisiana) This loco models a Southern Pacific Railroad (SPRR) X-1, narrow-gauge, 450hp, 50-ton, Caterpillar diesel made by General Electric and was also known as the Little Giant. It served the SPRR from 1954 until 1960 in the Owens Valley area. It then went to a mining company in Mexico. The E Scale version of this locomotive is powered by 8 golf cart. The South Pacific Coast Railroad (SPC) was a 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge steam railroad running between Santa Cruz, California and Alameda, with a ferry connection in Alameda to San Francisco.The railroad was created as the Santa Clara Valley Railroad, founded by local strawberry growers as a way to get their crops to market in San Francisco and provide an alternative to the Southern Pacific.

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If I'm not mistaken the Colorado & Southern and the Southern Pacific had narrow guage lines and weren't there other narrow gauge lines in the area as well. Depends on what you mean by in the area. There were numerous narrow gauge lines in Colorado besides the ones most people have heard of like the D&RGW, RGS or C&S This narrow gauge railroad hauled logs down to the Hobart Mills sawmill. The timber was cut to size, and then the standard gauge Hobart Southern railroad hauled the wood to the Southern Pacific railroad connection near the present railyard in Truckee. Much of the wood was used to build wooden boxes for agricultural crops

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Southern Pacific #18 - June 2021. #18 has been busy! On May 22nd our little locomotive headed the first revenue steam train into Silverton since October 2019. Paired up with the D&SNG's much larger K37 class #493, the duo pulled 15 cars and over 400 passengers. As best as we can determine, this was the first time #18 had double headed since. Source: Chip Roberson The family tree diagram and the map from 1911 Rand McNally Atlas show the results of 50 years of railroad development in and around the Sonoma Valley. Source: Chip Roberson under CCA-SA License 3.0 . References. Narrow gauge railway; Northwestern Pacific Railroad; San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad; Southern Pacific. Trams are believed complete in California/Railroads and OSM, route = tram s are tagged passenger = local. (ORM displays railway = narrow_gauge as chartreuse at zoom level z≥10. ORM does not display rail tagged usage = tourism at any zoom level). In June 2015, California began construction of the USA's first dedicated high-speed rail, centered.

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SP converted the railroad to standard gauge between 1927 and 1928. SP sent much of the N-C-O equipment they inherited south to their narrow gauge system in California's Owens Valley. SP maintained the original N-C-O name on standard gauge equipment assigned to line until 1 September 1929, when the line became part and parcel of SP's system The 22.53-mile (36.26 km) Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Company served farmers and ranchers and lumber operations and gold mines from 1876 and until 1942. The Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad was the only railroad in the West that was never robbed, even though it transported $200M in gold from the hardrock mines

Narrow Gauge to Jerome : The United Verde and Pacific Railway Paperback - December 31, 1988 by Russell Wahmann (Author) 4.3 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Paperback Please retry $35.91 — $20.00 Southern Pacific The Photography of SP Employee Bill Wolverton Volume 2: The San Francisco Bay Area, 1973-1981 Featuring the Train Masters, FP7s and SD9s. $49.95. In Stock maps. Format-Extent (size) 21.5 x 14 cm. Description of content. 1950s map, shows map of narrow-gauge railway from Laws to Keeler via Owenyo, the connection with the SP Jawbone branch to Mojave and Los Angeles. The map also shows surrounding towns, such as Bishop, Lone Pine and Olancha. The route of Hwy 395 is also marked Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge No. 8 . SPNG #8 at Victorian Square in Sparks. Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1907, the oil burning 4-6-0 first served on the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway as the second number 4 on that line. Around 1909, the locomotive was renumbered to number 8, again the second engine to wear that number on the N-C-O

Outline map of the U.S. Southwest showing major drainage, cities and towns. Railroad lines are named and narrow gauge lines are in red. The Cannel Coal Field is indicated. Contributor: Rio Grande and Pecos Railway Co. - Julius Bien & Co. Date: 188 Custom-built model (no prototype) of a cab forward 4-6-6-2 for the Southern Pacific narrow gauge in HOn3 Track and Miscellaneous Sunken narrow gauge train in Lake Washington, Seattle and a website with a mention of it-see next-to-last paragraph on pag The Narrow Gauge Circle is offered in an attempt to recreate the thrilling journey enjoyed by those lucky early day travelers. In addition, I have included the history of many of the other notable narrow gauge railroads that threaded their way through the magnificent mountains of Colorado Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. America's Highest and Longest Narrow Gauge Railroad; 64 miles of wild, scenic, and rugged National Forest. A 19th Century Railroad Operating in the 21st Century between Colorado and New Mexico. Leadville CO & Southern Railroad Co. Discover Leadville -- our gem high above the clouds in the Colorado Rocky Mountains This one is just south of Amercameca de Juarez on the right side of this map. The narrow gauge Ferrocarril Morelos opened this route in 1881, and it was replaced by a standard gauge line in 1973. The narrow gauge line still exists on the southern slope. Terrific article Crossing 17 Google view Tlaxcal

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The South Park and its successors, notably the Colorado and Southern, would remain in Leadville for over 100 years. The Leadville-Climax branch was the last narrow gauge operation on the C&S. Conversion to standard gauge was completed in 1943, with the last narrow gauge consist running on August 26, 1943 over dual gauge track Crown Zellerbach had a narrow gauge industrial tramway at its paper mill just over the Columbia River in Camas, Washington Willamette Valley Southern between Oregon City, Molalla and Mt. Angel, with trains operating to Portland over the interurban line tracks. Late in life, the line briefly operated as the Willamette Valley Railway

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The Colorado Railroad Museum is restoring a legendary Centennial State narrow gauge locomotive to operation. Rio Grande Southern No. 20, a 3-foot gauge 4-6-0 built in 1899 for the Florence & Cripple Creek and last run in 1951 when the RGS shut down, is nearing completion In addition to its significant collection of Pacific Electric equipment, the Museum preserves over 25 cars and locomotives from the Southern Pacific including U-Boat freight locomotive 3100 and San Diego & Arizona Eastern (an SP subsidiary) passenger combine 175. Several SP narrow gauge cars are also included in the collection Narrow Gauge Nostalgia by George Turner (1965) Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge by Mallory Hope Ferrell (1982) Steamcars to the Comstock by Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg (1957) Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California (Vol. 1) by David F. Myrick (1962 This corner of the D&RGW system was also home to the last standard gauge steam run on the Rio Grande. On 26-Dec-1956, D&RGW 1136 ran from Alamosa to Creede and back, and when it dropped its fires that night, the steam era ended on the Grande. The line passed to Southern Pacific in 1988, and then to Union Pacific in 1996 The route had been completed in May of 1880 by the South Pacific Coast Railroad as part of its narrow-gauge line between Alameda and Santa Cruz. SPC was taken over by SP in 1887 and the line was standard-gauged around 1907. By the late 1930s the line was down to one through freight a day in each direction

Colorado & Southern Rolling Stock. This website is dedicated to the narrow gauge rolling stock that the Colorado & Southern Railroad inherited from four of its numerous predecessor railroads (and such others as just might accidentally creep in): Denver, South Park & Pacific. Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Gauge(s) - mainline track length: Type # of Members: Visit Policy: Notes: Alameda Park Narrow Gauge Railway : see: Toy Train Depot : Four Corners Live Steamers: Farmington : 7½ club: 15: email: looking for site: New Mexico Central Railroad: Los Lunas: 7½ - 900' private : email : Rio LaPlata Southern Railroad: Farmington : 7½ - 1000. Narrow Gauge to Jerome : The United Verde and Pacific Railway Paperback - December 31, 1988 by Russell Wahmann (Author) 4.3 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Paperback Please retry $35.91 — $20.00

Other subsidiaries eventually included the St. Louis Southwestern Railway (Cotton Belt), the Northwestern Pacific Railroad at 328 miles (528 km), the 1,331 miles (2,142 km) Southern Pacific Railroad of Mexico, and a variety of 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge routes Whether it is a short wooden caboose bringing up the rear of a narrow-gauge Pacific Coast Railway freight train high above the Museum's Roundhouse gallery, or a gently rocking sleeping car rolling through the night, the rolling stock on exhibit at the California State Railroad Museum offers unmatched views of railroading

Screenshot: Description: Source file(s) Central Pacific Schenectady 4-4-0s 60-63 and 84. Built by Schenectady Locomotive Works in New York in 1868, Jupiter (and her 3 sister locomotives Storm, Whirlwind, and Leviathan) was taken around Cape Horn by ship to California, where she was reassembled and put to work constructing the Central Pacific Railroad In 1885 the San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada Railroad completed a narrow-gauge railroad from Brack's Landing to Valley Springs. The line eventually became the property of Southern Pacific Railroad, and a standard-gauge line into Valley Springs was substituted. A post office was opened here in 1872, closed in 1879, and re-established in 1882 Map Index: Historic Chronology Historic Class I Railroads Trans-Mojave Railroad Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Borate & Daggett Burlington Northern/Santa Fe (BNSF) California Eastern Railroad/Railway California Southern Railway Carson and Colorado Railroad Death Valley Railroad Los Angeles and Independence Railroad Nevada Southern Railway. Things changed for him when he was at a narrow gauge convention in Colorado Springs. It was at this convention that he saw an Accucraft C-16, Fn3 for the first time. At that moment, he knew that with his electronic experience and love for trains that he could provide a service to many other train lovers


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1876 narrow-gauge 4-4-0 American loco #5 'Sonoma' donated to California State Railroad Museum in 1977 where it is on static display 1881 narrow-gauge coach #3 'Silver State' donated to R&LHS in 1938, then to C.S.R.M. in 1969 where it is restored & on displa The Northwestern Pacific Railroad,the 'Redwood Empire Route', played a major role in the growth of Northern California. The line was created in 1907 through the consolidation of six separate picturesque railroad companies held by the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads. At its height, the Northwestern Pacific Railroad was an amalgamation of. Southern Pacific Engineering Drawings from the 1940's | Southern Pacific in San Jose. Trying to understand how the San Jose - Los Gatos branch operated can be a challenge, now that 75 years have passed since the time I model. I use railroad diagrams and other paperwork to understand track arrangements and local industries, some viewed at. Denver & Rio Grande Southern Railroad - 25x25 foot On3 scale narrow gauge layout featuring the Rio Grande . Denver & Rio Grande Western Spring Division - Freelance O/On3 dual gauge model railroad inspired by the D&RGW narrow gauge in Colorado . Diamond Springs & Western - Models Colorado narrow gauge in HOn3 and HOn30/HOe . Dirk Becker's Railroads - Model railroads in H0m, 0e, On30, O, and.


Tracks are tagged usage = tourism, railway = preserved, not railway = narrow_gauge, though they are additionally tagged gauge = 914 (3 feet). Coordinate with Argentine Central Railroad Grade Trail (see Railtrail section), as it appears OSM is implying it is OK to hike on the narrow gauge right of way to connect discontiguous segments of the Trail Operations started in 1872 and lasted as the Colorado Central, only until 1890 when it merged into the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf, which was subsequently part of the Colorado & Southern. A narrow gauge line, the line served the Clear Creek area, carrying gold and silver ore, along with passenger service Over 2 million railroad and train related photographs from all over the US. We also have an interactive railroad Map AbeBooks - 100 million books from independent booksellers, including thousands of railroad titles . Alibris - New, used, and out-of-print books from independent sellers, including thousands of railroad titles . Altamont Press - Publishes regional railroad timetables for the Western US, listing stations, mileposts, speed limits, siding lengths, radio frequencies, and mor

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St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway #634 (later renumbered #2706) was mainline power when delivered to the Iron Mountain in 1889, ending its career on Missouri Pacific branchlines. Today, sister locomotive #635/2707 (seen below) is preserved at the St. Loius Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri Map of the northeastern United States showing drainage, cities and towns, county boundaries, coal in Pennsylvania, and the railroad network with emphasis on the main line. Chartered in 1852. Reorganized in 1875 with the Geneva, Hornellsville, and Pine Creek Railroad. In 1882 became the Sodus Bay and Southern Railroad


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The mission of the Southern Pacific Historical and Technical Society is to preserve and disseminate the historical record of the Southern Pacific Railroad and its affiliates by promoting preservation, industrial archeology and accurate scale modeling of this great pioneer company which built the Western United States Title: Latest and best Map of Kansas, from authentic sources. Drawn and Engraved, 1881, expressly for the Land Department of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Content Date: 1881 Corporate Author: Matthews, Northrup & Co., Engrvs. & Prs The new line roughly paralleled the former narrow-gauge Utah Western Railway, completed in 1877 between Salt Lake City and a point just north of Stockton called Terminus. Union Pacific gained control of the Utah Western in 1881 and reorganized the company as the Utah and Nevada Railway The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, often abbreviated as the D&SNG, is a 3 ft (914 mm) narrow-gauge heritage railroad that operates on 45.2 mi (72.7 km) of track between Durango and Silverton, in the U.S. state of Colorado.The railway is a federally-designated National Historic Landmark and was also designated by the American Society of Civil Engineers as a National Historic Civil.